Game of the week # 242: Scene It

New week, new game of the week!

Each month, we offer you three different games of the week:

The “Once upon a time”. Rule ? We tell you a little story with every day a new sentence from the story. The goal ? Discover the series we are talking about.

The “Blind Test”. Rule ? We offer one music per day present in a very particular series. The goal ? Discover the series in which this music is found.

The “I am …”. Rule ? Every day of the week, we reveal a clue about a character in the series. A character trait, a physical quality, a piece of its history … The goal? Discover the character we are talking about.

Le “Scene It”. Rule ? We offer you one clue per day for a scene from a particular series. The goal ? Find the scene and the series we are talking about.

The general rules of the game:- Give an answer only on the site- You must explain your answer, it is not a game of chance!- Each game is played from Monday to Sunday.- ONLY ONE response will be allowed per participant.- It is forbidden to create several nicknames to answer under penalty of being permanently excluded from the game.

Who will be the king or queen of the game this week?

Scene it !:

Index N ° 1: In a bar,Index N ° 2: a womanIndex N ° 3: Take the speech

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