Press review: Manifest the 09/24/2018 at 2:06 pm by Charlotte Papet
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Today, NBC launches its new series, Manifest.

The plot of Manifest begins with a plane disappearing from radar, presumed lost, and which returns years later. For the passengers on board, time has not passed but for those who remained on Earth, the years have passed.

In the cast of the series, we find Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis and Melissa Roxburgh.

On the critical side, opinions are mixed:

The first episode is well done, asks a lot of questions and doesn’t answer a lot of them … but you know how it works.– Uncle Barky/Ed Bark

Her curiosity and willingness to be brave and rather candid, when you see everything she tries to be, are more than welcome.– Variety/Daniel D’Addario

All I can say based on the pilot is that either none of the characters on the plane are interesting or the first episode made a big mistake in choosing which characters to highlight. The Stones are just dull. They are very beautiful, and very sincere.– The Hollywood Reporter/Dan Fienberg

Watch the series trailer Manifest :

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