Shilpa Shinde on winning the trophy of Bigg Boss 11 this day 3 years ago, Paurashpur season 2

Bigg Boss winners sure make it big in the real world and well, many have managed to make a permanent place in the hearts of their audiences. And so, Shilpa Shinde got talking during her short live session about winning the show on this day 3 years go, being in the news current season, and all the love she has been receiving, among other things.

The actress received a surprise at her home as she was sent cakes by her fans. She took this opportunity to go live and spoke about the show at large. She went on to say, ”I cannot forget this day, everyone has given me so much time and love, you guys keep trending me, and it all started from Bigg Boss 11. I am very happy today. That moment, I had no idea what was happening outside. This has only been possible because of all the fans otherwise there was no chance. Keep loving me. I am grateful for all the trends and all the love that I get, without any PR, but I receive all the ‘Pyaar’. Even though I am not on Twitter, I do know things. I am not active on social media, but I like staying on my own and stay busy. I get so emotional at such moments, but somehow that time I did not understand at all what was happening, but it was special.”

Replying to one of the comments, she also spoke about being a part of conversations inside the Bigg Boss 14 house. She said, ”I am hearing that I am also being mentioned in Bigg Boss 14, but as long as everyone is being entertained, it is all good and as long as Salman Khan is there, it is all good.”

She also thanked the fans as she received the cakes and was overwhelmed In addition, she wished everyone on the occasion of Makar Sankranti and once again, sent in good luck and wishes to fans for a New Year. Among other things, she also said that she will be back soon and hopes everyone enjoyed Paurashpur. Hinting at seasons to come, she added how while talks have happened, they will come back if they receive love from the fans.

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