Halo: Game King, Box Office Dud?

The numbers are in, and as it turns out, all the hype surrounding the buildup to Halo 3‘s launch was justified — not only are the reviews almost uniformly positive, but sales have been through the roof. The obvious question arising from all this is whether or not the Halo film that Fox and Universal spiked last year will now be revived.

According to an article penned by videogame agent Keith Boesky for Newsweek, nobody knows the answer to that question yet — but it should be an unqualified “no.” Boesky is the former president of Eidos Interactive, and his current clients include Robert Ludlum’s estate, Clive Barker, and numerous developers, so he would seem to have something of a vested interest in the subject. From the article:

Thanks to the evolution of entertainment industry reporting, we all know the size of weekend box office for every major film released. We know that “Spider-Man 3” had an opening weekend of $151,116,516 and a total gross of $336,530,303. Considering the average price of $6.58 for the film, roughly 23 million tickets were sold opening weekend, or, roughly 5 and a half times the number of Halo 3 purchasers. This would render Halo very uninteresting if the Halo consumer didn’t spend a little more than 9 times as much on the product.

To read more of Boesky’s breakdown of why a Halo film would likely be a financial bloodbath for Fox and Universal, click the link below!

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