Trailer Bulletin: Exclusive Wall-E

Click for the trailer!

It’s the year 2700 and humans have fled for greenerpastures in the nether reaches of space, while WALL·E has spent the last 700years on Earth organizing garbage into stacks of compressed cubes. But throughout thecourse of the movie Pixar promises (with the poetically vague tagline) that thelittle robot that can will “discover what he was meant for.”

In addition to the footage seen in previous teasers, thistrailer shows off new scenes of WALL·E goofing around with human knickknacks,like a bra and fire extinguisher. Pixar remains tight-lipped on the specificsof the plot, but we’re rather confident the arrival of that gigantic spaceshipwill have something to do with it.

Click here (“Trailer 2”) forthe trailer! And be sure to keep an eye out for WALL·E, which makescontact June 27, 2008.

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