Castilla y León exceeds the barrier of 160,000 infections January 17, 2021

Castilla y León has exceeded the barrier of 160,000 infections by registering a total of 160,112 positives for coronavirus, of which 1,802 were notified this Sunday, dropping from 2,000 infections for the first time in three days, while adding 16 new fatalities, all them in hospitals, as well as a total of 20,494 medical discharges, of them 32 new, according to the data provided by the Ministry of Health.

The statistics published this Sunday register 16 deaths in the hospitals of the Community, which brings the total number of deaths in these centers to 4,355.

Currently active outbreaks in the Community as a whole are 1,024 –six more than yesterday– and the positive cases linked to them increase to 6,167. Of these, Ávila counts 117 –one less–; Burgos, 81 –two less–; León, 34 –two less–; Palencia, 94 -five more-; Salamanca counts 207, four more; Segovia, 238, seven more; Soria has 43 –five more–; Valladolid is located at 120 -10 less- and Zamora 90, seven more.

In total, 160,112 positives for COVID-19 have already been diagnosed in the Community in the different types of tests, after 1,802 were added in the last day. Of this total number, 153,317 positives have been confirmed in PCR and antigen tests.


By provinces, León is the one that adds the most positives notified this day, with 423 cases and a total of 26,285, followed by Valladolid that adds 347 for a global of 36,839. Salamanca accumulates 21,914 with 246 new; Segovia adds 219 for a total of 11,125; Palencia registers 11,850 with 182 new ones; Zamora counts 120 this Sunday and a total of 10,007; Ávila adds 9,327 after the 104 new ones; While the 97 of Burgos brings the number of infected to 26,273 and Soria already has 6,492 positives, 64 in the last hours.

Regarding the number of deaths in hospitals with a COVID diagnosis, the total figure is 4,355, 16 more than yesterday. Most of it is registered in the province of León with 889 –four more–, followed by Valladolid with 853 –one more–; next is Salamanca with 649 –one more–; Burgos with 592 –three more–; Zamora scores 351 –one more–; Palencia adds two to 308; Segovia reaches 271, one more, while Ávila registers 257, two more, and Soria adds one to 185.

In the case of hospital discharges, these total 20,494, of which 4,936 have been computed in Valladolid; 3,664 in León; in Burgos 3,010; in Salamanca, 2,808; in Zamora, 1,459; in Palencia, 1,342; in Segovia 1,264; in Ávila, 1,229 and in Soria 782.


Regarding hospitalizations, they have shot up with a total of 1,102 people, 107 more than in the previous part. Of the new hospitalizations, 937 are in the ward –102 more than yesterday–, while those hospitalized rise to 165, five more.

Patients with COVID-19 in the ICU are distributed in eleven hospitals in the different provinces and occupy 50 percent of the beds in critical care units, two points more than in the previous part issued.

Thus, it is reported that 27 were hospitalized at the Valladolid University Clinic; 26 at the Burgos University Complex; 22 at the Río Hortega University Hospital; 16 in the Palencia Healthcare Complex; 15 in the León Complex; 13 in Segovia and at the Hospital de El Bierzo; eleven in the Salamanca Complex; nine in that of Zamora; seven in Soria, and six in Ávila.


Regarding residences for the elderly, centers for people with disabilities and sheltered housing, according to data provided by the Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities, the number of deaths related to COVID-19 stands at 3,783 -four more- in the 1,214 public and private senior centers and public disability centers.

Of the deaths, 2,678 correspond to cases of confirmed positives for COVID-19, FOUR more, and another 1,105 to deaths with symptoms compatible with the virus, a figure unchanged since June.

According to the data provided by the Board, of the 3,783 killed so far, 2,091 people have lost their lives in their residence or center, the same ones, while another 1,692 have done so in hospitals, four more.

A total of 26 residents are isolated with symptoms compatible with COVID-19, the same number as yesterday, and 1,427 are in that situation preventively but without symptoms, 43 less.

Regarding the centers under the tutelage of the Junta de Castilla y León, the death toll remains at 290 for another day, of them 173 with a confirmed positive, while another 117 have been with compatible symptoms.

In addition, 23 residents are hospitalized, four less than in the last part, and the number of users with confirmed COVID-19 positive stands at 905, seven less.

On the other hand, there are no residents in isolation with symptoms compatible with COVID-19; while another 215 remain in preventive isolation without symptoms, three fewer.

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