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Braunschlag (ABC): The channel has given a commitment script for the American adaptation of this Australian series. Brian Gallivan will be writing, Seth Gordon will be producing. The series will follow the mayor of a small town that has a dysfunctional family, a dying father, disgruntled citizens, a town on the verge of bankruptcy, and the Mafia that has too much of a place in it all.

Damage Control (ABC): The channel has given a pilot commitment for this comedy that follows the Marvel Universes cleanup crew. It must then clean up the broken pots after a fight between heroes, for example.

Family Show (ABC): Family / office comedy that received a pilot commitment. It will take place behind the scenes of a family sitcom. We will follow the actors but also the production team, during the shootings and at home. Danny Zuker is in charge.

Famous In Love (ABC Family): The channel has ordered a pilot for this drama which features Bella Thorne. The series follows Paige, a college student who breaks into the world of filmmaking after auditioning for a role in a blockbuster in Hollywood. She will then have to manage her new life as a star while trying to find out what happened to a famous star after her disappearance.

Fantasy Island (ABC): A remake of the ’70s classic that featured an island that people paid to go there and make their wildest dreams come true. In this new remake, we will follow the story of a woman who has a business in San Francisco that offers people to fulfill their most intimate and sometimes dark fantasies. Each episode will show us two fantasies.

Hosed (FOX): The channel gave a pilot commitment for this comedy written by Luvh Rakhe. Office comedy, this one focuses on volunteer firefighters specializing in fires, in a city where it rains a lot.

Legion (FX): The channel has commissioned a pilot for this drama adapted from (Marvel’s) character David Haller, which centers on a disturbed young man who is more than just a human. As he hears voices and thinks he is crazy, he realizes that all of this is real. Noah Hawley is writing and producing the series.

Lethal Weapon (FOX): Reboot of the film which received a pilot commitment.

Max (HBO): The channel has ordered a pilot for this comedy created by Lena Dunham. The series is set in 1963 and features the second wave of feminist struggle. This will more precisely follow an ambitious journalist from a magazine who seeks to free herself while getting things done.

Notorious (ABC): The channel gave a pilot commitment for this drama which follows the relations between the legal professions and the media. We will more specifically follow the professional and personal relationship between a charismatic lawyer and a TV producer as each tries to defend and control their profession.

Out Of Body (CBS): The channel has given a pilot commitment for this drama written by Jennifer Johnson. The series centers on a former criminal who inexplicably jumps into the body of someone in danger, using his qualities to prevent her from being murdered.

Small Town Love (ABC): Comedy adapted from a Swedish series. Emily Halpern and Sarah Haskins will be writing the series that follows a mother and daughter who become pregnant at the same time.

Workplace (CBS): Desktop comedy created by Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh which received a pilot commitment. This takes place in a building where we will follow three different stories and three different businesses: that of a developer, a real estate agency and a café.

Project by Chris Fedak (CBS): The channel has given a pilot commitment for this drama created by Chris Fedak. The series centers on a young millionaire genius who uses his technological creations to help an old school San Francisco cop solve crimes.

Project by Mike Schur and Matt Murray (FOX): This comedy received a pilot commitment. Written by Matt Murray and produced by Mike Schur, the series follows the life of a judge and his clerk.

Source : Deadline, TV Line

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