You Can Get Starburst Heart Shaped Jellybeans That Taste Like Strawberry And Cherry

Snacks, or just food in general, always tastes better when it has a theme to it.

For example, have you ever noticed that turkey meat is a common food most of us eat everyday.

Although, as soon as mom or dad places the Thanksgiving turkey on the table for the holidays, it’s like your tasting turkey for the very first time.

Similar to that Thanksgiving Turkey, Target has brought back their seasonal Starburst candy for Valentine’s Day and these pop-able candies are also in the shape of tiny miniature hearts.

Starburst Valentine’s Day heart shaped candy doesn’t only look different in their shape, but the candy also comes in jellybeans instead of the original chewy taffy texture.

So if you’re looking for something sweet to give out to your valentine on hearts day, there’s nothing better than giving your sweetheart, extra sweet strawberry and cherry candies.

You can currently find Starburst Valentine’s Day heart shaped jellybeans at Target for just $2.99!

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