Vanessa Feltz says she was only ‘half-serious’ about wanting to ‘breastfeed’ her grandson: “It was metaphorical”

In 2014, English television personality Vanessa Feltz created quite a controversy when she said that she wanted to breastfeed her first grandchild — her daughter Allegra had just given birth to a son.

Four years later, as her other daughter Saskia prepares to give birth to her first child, the star revisited the controversy, saying her comments were meant to be taken lightly and that she was “half-joking.”

In an interview to OK! magazine, Feltz clarified: “It was a joke, but sort of serious! I thought that when I saw the baby, it would feel like the prickly feeling you get in your boobs when you breastfeed. But I don’t think that happens with grandmas – so it was metaphorical.”

In 2014, speaking after the birth of her grandson Zeke, Feltz is reported to have said: “I can’t breathe with excitement. I want to shout it from the rooftops. I’m not mad and I know it’s a funny thing to come out with, but I want to breastfeed the baby.”

The 56-year-old seemed to have done her research in the area, citing that it was possible for her to breastfeed her grandson. “Apparently you can! I just think that I’m going to love this child so much that when it cries I’m going to get that sensation in my breasts and they may produce milk,” she said then.

The ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ star is excited to welcome her new grandchild, and admitted to only wanting to discuss her grandchildren when she’s on the radio.

“On the radio, I don’t want to talk about Brexit or the economy. I just want to speak about my grandbabies.”

Feltz recently went under the knife and got a gastric band surgically placed inside her to facilitate weight loss. During an interview with ITV’s ‘This Morning’, she opened about her struggle with the side effects since the surgery.

“It’s started acting up something chronic. I wasn’t even sure it had anything to do with the band. I was fast asleep and woke up and felt like I was drowning. My whole mouth, nose, ears, eyes seemed to be full of liquid.”

Despite the side effects, she doesn’t want to get the band removed as it keeps her weight in check and controls her eating habits.

“I don’t want to have it taken out. I’m scared I’ll suddenly eat and entire camel and a heard of elephants. It’s been restricting me for eight years. I can walk into any shop and buy a dress that fits. Plus I don’t want an operation for something I don’t want,” she told host Holly and Phil, according to a report in The Sun.

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