Get now the burgundy manicure that Amelia Bono is wearing and that will be a mega trend in spring

I love to wear manicure done and nails cared (Like you, I guess), that’s why I spend my life making screenshots of enamels that I like and Instagram: my latest discovery was the burgundy manicure of Amelia Bono. And it’s not that she was teaching it, I saw her in a post where influence her’he was choosing textiles for his house, but it is such a gorgeous and elegant nail color which becomes the focus of attention.

Yes in the world of lipstick mandan red and ‘nude’ shades, as to nails refers, also red and french manicure They are the usual choice. Nevertheless, Amelia Bono, stylish girl where there is, know that the color came is the most distinguished and unique version of the traditional red. Ideal for both short nails What manicures’ stiletto’and that contrasts equally with the neutral tones that we usually wear in winter as with the most colorful garments of spring.

Of course, to get the burgundy manicure perfect there a very easy trick. The first step of painting nails at home is always apply a transparent base so that the color does not touch the nail and stain it. When the polish is dry, two layers of color. And in the case of tono ‘burgundy’, we will end with another layer of shiny top coat, which will make it stand out despite being a dark nail polish.

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