Le Seigneur des anneaux a 20 ans : découvrez quatre anecdotes de tournage

The first part of the mythical saga “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The opportunity to come back to some facts about the production of Peter Jackson’s film. Through these, we realize that this feature film could have been very different.

The great story of The Lord of the Rings

She is one of those cult sagas that capsize the hearts of millions of fans around the world. The film adaptation of the three volumes of JRR Tolkien’s novel, The Lord of the Rings, began in 2001 with the release of the first part The Fellowship of the Ring.

The reception is enthusiastic on the part of the public and the press. Thus, the film collects no less than $ 888 million for a budget of 93 million. A real goose that lays golden eggs for the production company New Line Cinema, a subsidiary of Warner Media. The feature film can also be proud of a success of esteem within the profession and it obtains nine Oscar nominations and won four statuettes.

This trilogy also confirms the stature of Peter Jackson as a big name in the seventh art. The one who was already very promising and had gained critical notice for films such as Ghosts vs. Ghosts or Celestial Creatures manages to mark the spirits. It transcribes perfectly on the big screen what many fans of the saga have fantasized about reading the books. As for newcomers to the universe, they appreciate the magnificent interpretation of the actors of the feature film. But do you know absolutely everything about this first part?

The production tried out different designs for Gollum

He is one of the characters who most marked the spectators of this first film. Gollum is beautifully performed by Andy Serkis. To believe Screenrant, the physical development of The Hobbit was not easy. In a first concept, we could see it with skeletal nostrils instead of the nose. This idea was eventually abandoned by the production which judged Gollum to come across as unfriendly and inhuman. The idea of ​​representing him with a big belly was also not accepted.

Following the recruitment of Andy Serkis, Peter Jackson finally decided to opt for motion capture technologies which allowed the actor to express his full potential. After three years of hard work, the teams at Weta, the director’s post-production studio, have finally achieved a result deemed satisfactory.

Cate Blanchett’s monologue was hotly discussed

The introduction of The Fellowship of the Ring immediately marks the spirits. We hear Cate Blanchett alias Galadriel present the major issues of history and in particular the formation of the ring and the forces involved. If this launch is familiar to us today, it might as well never have seen the light of day.

The leaders of New Line Cinema were indeed reluctant to this idea and had asked Peter Jackson to cut this prologue. Paradoxically and seeing the success of this formula, the studio then asked the filmmaker to include a monologue as an introduction to the second part but Peter Jackson preferred to return to the clash between Gandalf and the Balrog.

Gandalf banging his head to the ceiling was not expected before filming

The scene is funny and perfectly illustrates the small size of Hobbits’ houses. When he arrives at Bilbo’s, Gandalf bangs his head against the ceiling. Except that in reality, this episode was absolutely not foreseen in the scenario.

This happy accident at the turn of a take did not prevent the shooting of the scene from going to the end and Ian McKellen didn’t get distracted. Jumping at the chance, Peter Jackson decided to make this mistake a chance, so that it is found in the final version of the film.

Sean Bean walked for two hours out of fear of the helicopter

The fear of flying affects everyone, including big names in cinema. This phobia particularly struck the actor Sean Bean who did not fail to show it during the filming. According to The Things, as the team boarded a helicopter, he refused to go on board. This did not prevent him from playing his role, but he had to walk for two hours across the mountain to join his fellow cast members who could see him doing this hike from the aircraft.

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