L’Internat Las Cumbres : le pensionnat de l’enfer sur Prime Video

REVIEW / SERIAL REVIEW – Prime Video has just opened the doors of “The Boarding School: Las Cumbres”. An establishment where students receive disturbing treatment, supervised by teachers and Dominican monks who seem for the most part to be driven by Machiavellian intentions …

L’Internat, Las Cumbres : bad education

Reboot, or rather sequel since it refers directly to the events that have occurred in The intership, series worn by Ana de Armas and Blanca Suárez between 2007 and 2010, L’Internat: The Summits plunges the viewer into the heart of a boarding school perched on top of a mountain and surrounded by woods. In this establishment “welcoming” adolescents in difficulty, the watchword is simple: discipline. Discipline that leads to particularly dubious punishments, starting with locking students in icy dungeons when they dare to answer a teacher. These practices are however far from being the most disturbing elements of this boarding school marked by the unexplained suicide of a resident.

As they try to escape this hell, Amaia (Asia Ortega), Manuel (Carlos Alcaide), Paul (Albert Salazar) and Adèle (Daniela Rubio) miss their escape. If three of them are caught, Manuel is kidnapped in the forest by an individual dressed as a plague doctor of the Middle Ages. Led by Amaia and Paul, several students make every effort to find their friend. Their research guides them to a sect that would act in Las Cumbres and who would be in the service of a demon. At the same time, several of the young people are victims of terrifying visions, starting with Inés (Claudia Riera), the daughter of the enigmatic director.

A taste of unfinished business

Throughout this first season of L’Internat: The Summits, the questions are multiplying, but the answers a little less. The ambition of showrunners Laura Belloso and Asier Anduenza to create an ambitious and flaunted show is totally perceptible. After the first episodes which take the time to reveal the sometimes changeable natures of the characters – especially when it comes to the adults who supervise the students -, the rhythm accelerates and the adventures follow one another. Bloody deaths, more and more frequent nightmarish apparitions and revelations around an organization with a pronounced taste for occult sacrifices follow one another.

The corridors widen, the secret doors open, and the feeling that teens will have a hard time pulling themselves out of the walls of this disguised prison grows stronger. Amaia and Paul’s investigation succeeds grab the viewer, as well as the quarrels between the students, the doubts of Inés about his identity or the internal struggle between the different camps within the staff.

But most of the leads launched around these intrigues do not succeed. The open end confirms that it is necessary to be patient before being able to unravel the secrets of Las Cumbres.

But an effective implementation

If this conclusion is likely to leave more than one spectator unsatisfied, it is partly because attachment to young heroes and the desire to continue to conduct the investigation alongside them are present. The mystery quickly arises around the monastery which also evokes the Himalayan palace offering a vertiginous view in The black narcissus that the essential Hogwarts of Harry Potter.

As for the saga of JK Rowling, but also for the series Elite, affinities with the characters are created naturally and L’Internat: The Summits based on an impeccable cast, the excellent Asia Ortega and Albert Salazar in the lead. The lengths of the first episodes passed, their quest becomes as intriguing as the romantic relationships or the friendships and rivalries that develop within the boarding school.

The same goes for the evolutions of teachers and other adults, the most murky characters in this fantasy series. It is difficult to have a fixed opinion on them, which is one of the strengths of the program, as their nature is changing and their true intentions are sometimes deeply buried. The fate reserved for some of them offers moreover nice surprises.

If the visual universe is sometimes limited, the feeling of isolation is felt and the woods seem to be the haunt of people with dark designs, like the Forbidden Forest that surrounds Hogwarts. Machiavellian intentions which are only slightly revealed. Nevertheless, the desire to discover them remains much stronger than the frustration caused by a final a bit hasty.

L’Internat: Las Cumbres, available on Prime Video on February 19, 2021. Above the trailer. Find all our trailers here.

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