#RiAnah #Happily (N)Ever After.! #Part – 1

This is my take on current track.

One year later

VR Mansion

Almost wall of room is covered with pictures of perfectly happy couple indulge in each other either by hugging or kissing or giving pack on lips but neither of them is there to adore it right now the sunrays which are making their way through curtain are the only one to adore it.

But soon the bathroom door knob clicked and geek god entered having only towel on his waist and was drying his hair with another towel and few water drops make their way from his hairs and went down to kiss his s*xy body and wiping it away he spoke

“Don’t dare do it only my sweetheart have that right. “

(I know by now all of you know who this person is…) (Still asking any guess )

And he picked up a photo frame from side table and looking at smiling face of girl in picture a tiny smile crept on his lips and he spoke

“Sorry sweetheart. “

And same time few tears made their way from his eyes and before his moment can go further he heard knock on door and he wiped his tears and with groan he permit the person to enter inside and next moment opening door Angre enter and said

Angre: Boss, we’re getting late.

And Vansh just showed him his hand indicating to stop and still looking at photo he spoke

Vansh: Angre,first you don’t need to call me boss and second how many times do I need to tell you that don’t disturb me while I am with my sweetheart.

And Angre felt helpless seeing pain of Vansh and all this while Ishani was standing at door she too was shedding tears by now, seeing his brother in pain rather to say so much pain and crying Ishani entered in room and she run and hugged Vansh and spoke

Ishani: Bhai please stop it now, we all know that Riddhima is not here and she won’t be ever, so stop being stubborn please.

And instead of replying anything to her Vansh looked at Angre and spoke

Vansh: Tell this girl to move away from me, I don’t know her and my sweetheart won’t like any unknown random girl hugging me.

And before Angre can say anything Ishani replied

Ishani: How can you say it bhai? I am Ishani your sister not any random girl. How many time do I need to tell you this?

Again Vansh ignored her and replied to Angre

Vansh: Angre I’ve only one sister so tell her to leave now.

And he literally pushed her and move into his wardrobe to get ready and after few minutes he was back wearing metallic black Gucci suite and one more last time he looked at picture on side table and speak

Vansh: I’ll be back soon sweetheart.

And another two person in room were stunned as usual cause since last one year they are witnessing same scene again and again.

And once out from his room Vansh settled at dining table and as usual servant serves him “Mithi Bhath” which is his daily breakfast since last one year and ignoring every single person on table he indulge himself in bowl of “Mithi Bhat”and as usual he spoke after finishing his bowl

Vansh: Yet it don’t taste as good as Riddhima’s ask her how she used to prepare it.

And as usual Dadi and Ishani cries seeing his state but they’re helpless. Though to give justice to Riddhima Vansh got Anupriya and Kabir arrested after month of her death but still he not let go of her in his life instead with passing of every day he was falling for her more and more and everytime Dadi asked her to let go of her he would say only thing “She’ll come back for me one day. “

After Vansh and Angre left Ishani started crying furiously and said

Ishani: It’s all because of me, Bhai is suffering from pain because of me, Siya left us, and even Chachi and Aryan left us.

Dadi: Ishani baccha don’t blame your self , it was not your fault.

Ishani: Dadi you don’t need to say this, only if I’ve not agreed with Anupriya ma that day nothing of this would have happened.

Dadi was stunned beyond limits listening to her cause no one ever informed anything to her about that day only she got to know is by the time she came back from temple Siya, Aryan and Chanchal have left home and Vansh was sitting lifeless near his piano and was murmuring

“I lost her too.”

And from servent she got to know that Riddhima fell down from stairs and on the way to hospital Dr. declared that she lost her life due to brain hemorrhage.

But now this words of Ishani bring new aspect so she asked

Dadi: What had happened?

Next Ishani informed her that Anupriya who came there being fake Dai ma brainwashed her saying she lost her baby due to Riddhima if that day Vansh have not pulled Riddhima towards his side to save her from dart she would have not fell down and once again Ishani felt raged towards Riddhima and taking benefit of it Anupriya included her in plan to kill either Riddhima or to make sure that she had miscarriage and they tried to harm her may time but each time by one or another way she got saved so finally frustrated Anupriya have poured oil over stairs and intentionally Ishani called Riddhima downstairs and while answering her Riddhima failed to notice oil and she lost her balance and fell down and Anupriya was about to stab her with knife on stomach but on time Vansh and Kabir stopped her and Vansh immediately called Dr. but due to emergency at hospital Dr. was not able to visit them at home so Aryan and Angre was taking her to hospital in ambulance but she lost her life midway and here Vansh was tackling Anupriya but in between he got news of Riddhima’s demise and he lost his concise for few moments and taking benefit of it Anupriya and Kabir escaped from place.

And later Vansh denied completing funeral ritual of Riddhima so Aryan and Angre have done it and later without saying even a word Siya, Aryan and Chanchal have left mension even Angre wants to go but he stayed back to look after Vansh and after few days with help of Vansh’s man police have catched Anupriya and Kabir and under police torture she confessed her crime and form there Vansh get to know Ishani’s role in whole matter.

After completion Ishani looked at Dadi and as her expectations angry glares were there on her face and without uttering a word she left from dining table and Ishani cried on her own fate.

(How many of you have planned Ishani’s murder?)

Later in the evening Vansh and Angre returned from office as usual both of them was ignoring Ishani and to their surprise today even Dadi was avoiding her and they completed bapa’s aarati and Vansh and Angre asked servent to send their food to study room while Dadi informed that she will have dinner in her room and unwillingly Ishani had dinner alone at dining table.

Study Room

Angre was checking mail for Vansh and Vansh is on call with client and as soon  as Vansh disconnected call Angre said to him

Angre:Mr. Malhotra want to arrange meeting tomorrow noon what should I do?

Vansh: If nothing is scheduled for that time then call them at our premise for meeting.

Angre: All meeting room of our premise are booked by employees for their respective meeting in this case I need to cancel one of their booking.

Vansh: Don’t do it, let’s do one thing let’s meet them at some cafe.

Angre: Okay boss, I’ll do rest. Now you should have food it’s getting cold.

Vansh: How many time do I need to tell you that you don’t need to call me boss I am your brother-in-law and not only mine but your food is getting cold too so let’s have dinner together.

And nodding at him Angre wrapped up everything quickly and they had dinner and after dinner Vansh is about to go to his room. But stopping him in his way Angre said

Angre: I think you should talk to Ishani once.

Vansh: (turning to his side) Can I know why are you not on talking terms with her still and not to forget you’re not even sharing your room with her.

Angre: Mine is different matter.

Vansh: Your is different because you lost your

Angre: Yes I lost my sister about whom I just got to know in early morning that day, I wanted to tell Riddhima so badly that I am his long lost brother but I thought I’ll inform her at dining table while having breakfast that day but it never happened.

(How many of you get “Jor ka jatka”? )

And tears make their way from his eyes and Vansh didn’t said much later but he gave him hug which give him brotherly warmth and said

” She’ve to come back for us. “

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