Sam Darnold isn’t the quarterback SF 49ers must target in 2021

The SF 49ers have been linked to NY Jets quarterback Sam Darnold this offseason, but he’s not the signal-caller who should be targeted.

With the conclusion of Super Bowl 55, we can finally put this dreadful season behind us. This is more than can be said about the quarterback speculation surrounding the SF 49ers.

With so many names linked to the franchise, the NY ‘  isn’t the quarterback the Niners must target in 2021 .

If San Francisco is looking for a clear upgrade from its current starter, , Darnold is not necessarily the answer. Yes, Darnold has the good arm strength to go along with instinctual talent. However, his ability to successfully lead a team on a consistent basis is still a work in progress. Why would the SF 49ers move on from a proven winner in Garoppolo just to bring in another body, albeit a healthy one?

Perhaps that’s the answer they’re looking for durability. Since 2018, Garoppolo has missed 23 games due to injury while Darnold only missed 10 within that same timeframe. Now we’ve all heard the phrase, “the best ability is availability.” But when it comes to Jimmy G, his best ability is winning. During that same period from 2018, Garoppolo has played in 35 games while Darnold played in 38. There’s not much of a gap between game experience since they’re only separated by three, so this should make for a good player comparison.

Does this mean Darnold can’t have success in head coach Kyle Shanahan’s offense especially considering Darnold wasn’t exactly in a favorable situation in New York? No. Let’s not quite say that, but there’s no need to swap those players in this particular situation.

These numbers may be a little misleading since we have to factor in overall team success which consists of defense, special teams and coaching schemes. All of these categories have a lot to do with players receiving individual accolades, but guys who are true leaders possess the “it” factor and always find ways to win games.

This is why the Niners brass has been reluctant with pulling the plug on Garoppolo until there’s a viable replacement.

The only significant moves made so far during this young offseason have been quarterbacks Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff being swapped between the LA Rams and Detroit Lions along with a bunch of draft picks, followed by Wentz going to the Colts for a couple of picks as well. When it comes to Detroit and the numerous picks it received, it’s easy to understand why the Lions may have come out of the deal as the clear-cut winners. Only time will tell how successful the organization will become if these picks pan out, but it’s a great position to currently be in.

Now if the Niners are seriously still in the mix for an upgrade at QB, they will have to relinquish quite a bit of draft capital in order to make a splash.

The SF 49ers faced a ton of adversity in 2020, and the upcoming offseason is expected to be just as turbulent. Between pending free agency, the salary cap adjustment and the unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic, San Francisco may once again be forced to weather the storm in 2021.

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