Truman’s Big Escape | AKC Reunite

Truman’s Big Escape

Truman the 8-month old Yorkshire Terrier’s small stature allows him to easily slip through  small crevices — and he did just that when he saw a small hole in his fenced-in yard, he took off! With the help of a good Samaritan and his AKC Reunite collar tag, Truman was safely reunited in no time.

“Truman was in the yard while I was working on the car in the driveway,” said Riley, Truman’s owner. “I thought I had dog proofed the yard, but he found a gap between our fence and the neighbors,” and went on an adventure!

Unbeknownst to his owner, Truman was out exploring the neighborhood! He was only gone about 10 minutes when a good Samaritan noticed Truman and his AKC Reunite collar tag and alerted our 1-800 Recovery Service Hotline.

“Truman has no road sense, and we were so lucky he was found as quickly as he was, and that the return to us was so simple. I found the hole in the fence and sealed it immediately! We’re thankful we put the tag on his collar!”

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