Add Some Flare To Your Dorm With With This Klondike Cone Hanging Chair

You can never have too much ice cream. Whether you need that extra kick to stay up studying or are just craving a sweet treat, Klondike Cones are to the rescue. If you like the classic Klondike Bar or the brands more recent Klondike Donuts, then you’re going to want to try these cones – trust me.

5 Flavors Of Klondike Cones

Klondike Cones take the brands signature ice cream and chocolate to the next level. Available in five flavors, there is a cone for everyone. The flavors include: Vanilla Chillin’, Nuts for Vanilla, Classic Chocolate, Double Down Chocolate and Unicorn Dreamin’.

Here are descriptions of each flavor from the brand:

Vanilla Chillin’ – creamy vanilla, chocolatey sauce core and a crispy wafer cone

Nuts for Vanilla – creamy vanilla, chocolatey sauce core, crispy wafer cone and crunchy roasted peanuts

Classic Chocolate – creamy chocolate, chocolatey sauce core, crispy wafer cone and crunchy roasted peanuts

Double Down Chocolate – chocolate base, chocolatey sauce core, crispy chocolate wafer cone and chocolate ribbon curls

Unicorn Dreamin’ – strawberry and bubblegum, strawberry sauce core and a green wafer cone

Klondike Cones are available at major retailers nationwide for $6.99.

Klondike Cone Hanging Chair

To celebrate the launch of Klondike Cones, the brand is giving a few lucky fans a chance to win their own Klondike Cone Zone.

The swing features a distinctive swirled shape top with sauce that travels throughout the center of the cone, toppings and the signature chocolate cone tip.

From now until Mar. 8, fans can enter on  for a chance to win their own swing.

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