Dialing in VBM Domobar junior HX + Lavazza super crema

it’s been some time since I started following the forum (which I very much enjoy), so I though about getting out there and ask for some advice .

I recently got a new VBM Domobar junior HX + Ceado E5P + Lavazza super crema, though I am having a difficult time finding the right dial in. I typically use 15gr for a double. Now the issue I seem to encounter is the following:

  • If I dial the grinder so as to extract 35gr of product in 25 seconds, the pressure shoots up at 12/13 bar, which seems to me to be too high. Also the coffee is quite bitter for my taste (I am Italian, so, in principle I like strong short coffees). It seems over extracted, but the flow/color is right.
  • If I dial the grinder adjusting it to pull at about 9/10 bars, then I get way too much product: about 100gr in a 25 seconds pull. This is watery, and seems under extracted.

Happy to post a couple of pictures to give the experts a better idea Cheers!

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