Falcon et le Soldat de l’Hiver : la tension monte dans les nouvelles images de la série

“WandaVision” will soon come to an end and another Marvel Cinematic Universe series will soon take over every Friday: “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”. Discover a lot of new images while waiting for the release on March 19 on Disney +.

Who will succeed Captain America?

We’re still waiting for the MCU to make its return to theaters. The current situation does not allow it, we have to fall back on the small screen. WandaVision was launched last January and the studio intends to supply us intensively with Marvel productions on Disney +. When the current series is finished, we will follow directly with Falcon and the Winter Soldier from March 19. Then then it will be Loki, in May, who will be responsible for looking after us every week.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier shine in new footage

This is what awaits us in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. A series that promises action with a duo that is like dog and cat. The promotion continues with new images. mostly hero-centric.

Some are already more or less known and, on the whole, they do not allow to learn more about the plot. However, we really appreciate that of Sam Wilson with the shield in his hand. This shot appears to be taken from a very solemn moment when the hero realizes that he is destined to carry on Captain America’s legacy.

We can also talk about this new image (below) where the two stars are displayed with Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp). This secondary character returns to the MCU and is suspected of wanting to stop the two heroes. They respectively refused to abide by the Sokovia Accords, making them legally fugitives. We can assume that Sharon will be sent to the field to stop them but that she will eventually side with their side for a more important common cause. At least, that’s what the image lets through.

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