Famous people you didn’t know are gay

Until a few decades ago, being homosexual was something that was not well seen in some countries, being something that was even punishable by law with prison terms and even death sentences. But fortunately the world is changing and we already see homosexuality for what it is, something natural. Also among the famous.

And it is that if there is a sector that has suffered more than any other the harsh repression in this sense is the world of acting or entertainment in general, since many famous homosexuals did not dare to say for fear of reprisals that could be take against him. Now many of them openly confess their homosexuality.

Victor Garber

The actor who became famous for playing the aeronautical engineer who designed the Titanic and who sank with it, Victor Garber, is one of the examples of actors who have confessed their homosexuality and walk their love naturally, although for many it goes unnoticed.

At 66, this famous actor who has participated in other famous films such as ‘A very legal blonde’, and who has also developed her career as a singer, she cannot hide her love relationship with her partner, Rainer Andreesen.

Ian McKellen

Surely you have seen him act in dozens of films, some of them the highest grossing films in recent years such as the X Men saga, the Lord of the Rings trilogy or its prequel, The Hobbit, as well as other films. But you may find it hard to believe that this actor is gay.

And it is that at 75 he has confessed that he is homosexual and that he fully enjoys his happiness in this way. He is one of the most iconic actors in cinema and theater in recent decades and after his confession he has decided to continue with his private life discreetly as he always has.

Christian Chávez

Although he became famous for playing Giovanni in the telenovela Rebelde, the Mexican version of the Argentine telenovela Rebelde Wey, and that in the series he played the role of a daring and intrepid womanizer without remedy, the truth is that Christian Chávez is homosexual.

The actor himself has never hidden his sexual condition and has always declared that he is attracted to men. So much so that This handsome 31-year-old Mexican actor has already been married to BJ Murphy. We are glad that you speak openly.

Jim Parsons

If there is one peculiar character in today’s television landscape, it is Sheldon Cooper. The famous character from The Big Bang Theory series who gives life to a very intelligent physique with very peculiar characteristics, is played by actor Jim Parsons.

Openly homosexual, this actor has been one of the icons of the gay movement in recent years in the world of television since he has never hidden that he is attracted to people of the same sex. At 31, she has a partner and is very happy with Todd Spiewak.

Matt Bomer

But if there is anyone on this list who takes a gold medal for the sexiest homosexual and who pity us women the most that he is, that is Matt Bomer. The handsome actor who was a candidate to play billionaire Christian Gray in the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy has never hidden his homosexuality. This famous film, theater and television actor has participated in multiple series, films and plays. He is now 37 years old and married to Simon Halls. We cannot deny that you are very lucky to have such an attractive man by your side.

Jonathan Groff

Glee fans will agree with us that both its actors and actresses are tremendously handsome and have great talent for the world of music interpretation. And they will also have noticed that some of its most important actors are homosexuals.

This is the case of Jonathan Groff, a famous singer-songwriter who has achieved world fame thanks to his role as Ryan Murphy in the famous musical series. Now that he is 30 years old, he enjoys a full and happy life, since several years ago he confessed to being homosexual.

Jonathan Bennet

Another clear example that the roles that are played in the small or on the big screen do not always resemble the real life of the actors. And it is that as it happened with Christian Chávez, actor Jonathan Bennet is also a homosexual.

And it is that although he played the sexy and womanizer Adam Samuels in the movie starring Lindsay Lohan, Mean Girls, this handsome actor who is now 33 years old has confessed to being homosexual and that he knew it for a long time.

George Takei

But if there is someone whose sexual orientation has really surprised us, it is George Takei. The actor of Korean origin and with oriental features known for his role as Mr. Hiraku on the Star Trek series has confessed to being homosexual.

The 78-year-old actor has long since stopped hiding by openly and publicly confessing his sexual orientation and his clear preference for men … so much so that she enjoys full happiness with her husband Brad Takei. We are certainly happy for him.

Zachary Quinto

The Star Trek universe will never cease to amaze us. And if we have already mentioned that the actor who gave life to Mr. Hiraku in the series, George Takei, is homosexual and is married at 78 to another man, there are other actors from the same series who follow his example.

This is the case of Zachary Quinto. The handsome actor is now 37 years old and has openly confessed his homosexuality for several years. And it is that although in his case he is not married, he did have a more than stable relationship with actor Jonathan Groff.

Ricky Martin

In 2010, the news of the century broke, which was nevertheless an open secret for many, although many others, or especially many, refused to believe it. And is that Ricky Martin openly confessed his status as a homosexual, he could finally be himself.

After many years of internal debate, the handsome Puerto Rican singer decided to take the plunge and thus put an end to the speculations that haunted him. Although he is now single, he has had a long-term relationship with a well-known businessman. Now he lives happily with his twins.

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