Kapoor Wala – Change of Fate – Episode 9

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The Sangeet and Mehendi Night

All the guests have arrived to the mandap. The function is held in a grand manner.

Mehendi starts!!!!

Bhabo sees her and gets emotional.

Sandhya: Ma….

Bhabo: Today, you have become a big woman Sandhya. From tomorrow, you are going to be wife of someone. Be happy.

Sandhya: I will always be your little girl.

Neha and Priya too applies mehendi on their hands.

Sameer comes to the stage.

Sameer: Greetings everyone. Thank you all for coming to my brother and bhabi’s wedding sangeet. Now, let’s start the function. The first performance will be our four brother’s song.

Ram, Dev, Sooraj and Sameer dances….

Priya and everyone are happy to see them.

Lakshmi: These four brothers should stay the same. Nothing should separate them.

Sameer: Hope, you enjoyed our dance. Now, let’s invite Vikram jeju and Neha di for a performance.

Vikram and Neha dance!!!!

Sameer: Next is our favourite couple Ram bhai and Priya bhabi’s performance.

Ram and Priya dances!!!!!

All clap so loudly.

The guests discuss about their pair.

Guest: They both are looking so lovely.

Bhabo and Neha make faces.

Sameer: Now, it’s time for bride’s parents to rock the stage.

Bhabo denies but everyone compels them to dance.

Arun and Bhabo dances.

All smile!!!

Sameer: Now, today’s hero – heroine, our Dev bhai and Sandhya bhabi will dance…

Dev gets shocked!!! He doesn’t want to dance…Sandhya gets excited and goes to the stage. Priya ask Dev to join.

Dev and Sandhya dances!!!!

All celebrate Sangeet in a grand manner.

Sona: I should do something. Tomorrow is Dev’s wedding. I can’t sit and cry simply here.

She calls her friend.

Sona: Listen carefully. Come to my home tomorrow at 5pm. The wedding is at 6pm. I should go there. You come and wait at the backside road of my house. I will come there at 5pm.

Friend also tells ok.

Dev sits and cries thinking of Sona. He drinks too…

Sooraj comes there.

Sooraj: Bhai, what are you doing here? If you don’t want to do this wedding, then stop it.

Dev: How can I betray bhai and bhabi by stopping the wedding now?

Sooraj: If you marry Sandhya, then both of your lives will be ruined.

Dev: I couldn’t forget Sona…

He cries…Sooraj consoles him….

The next day….

Priya and everyone does work from morning. They arrange everything properly.

Priya sees Dev sitting all alone.

Priya: Dev, I know this will be difficult for you. But you agreed for this wedding. Sandhya is a very good girl. Accept her and move on.

Dev nods and goes to get ready.

Sona comes to Naina.

Sona: Naina, I’m leaving now. Take care of mama and papa. They will be angry on me for sometime, but everything will be allright.

Naina: Didi, are you sure? You want to go there?

Sona: Yes Naina, only we should fight for our lives. I can’t stay without Dev and I can’t hand over him just like that to someone. I’m going there. Bye.

Naina: Bye didi.

Sona then goes out of the house in a very sneaky manner. Bijoy has went out and Asha is on kitchen. She goes and see her friend waiting for her.

She goes with her to the mandap.


Dev gets ready and comes to the stage.

Sandhya too gets ready and comes to the stage.

Priya and Neha bring her.

Neha: Sandhya, are you happy now?

Sandhya: I was waiting for this moment from my childhood. I’m in my dreams.

Neha: Don’t be in too dreams. Dream will shatter one day.

Sandhya gets irked.

Priya: Bhabi, why are you speaking like this?

Neha: I told the reality Priya.

They bring Sandhya and she looks at Dev.

The marriage rituals start….

All feels happy except Dev. Pandit ask Dev to tie the mangalsutra. Dev with heavy heart, goes to tie it. But then, Sona comes correctly shouting to stop…

All gets shocked!!!!

Dev: Sona….

Bhabo: who are you? Why are you stopping the wedding?

Sona: Because, that place is mine.

Bhabo: What are you blabbering?

Sona: Me and Dev are in love. Even Dev’s brother and sister-in-law knows this.

All see Dev, Ram and Priya.

Sandhya sits in a shock.

Lakshmi: Why are you creating drama at the last minute?

Sona tells them everything even about Priya’s arrival too.

Sandhya looks Priya angrily. Priya sees her in a guilt.

Ram: Shut up. Your family won’t accept this. So, please go back.

Sona: No, I won’t go.

Sandhya: Dev, please tell me that all her statements are false.

Dev puts magalsutra and his garland down. He gets up and tells everyone that everything she told was true.

Sandhya and Bhabo are shattered.

Arun cries.

Arun: Why did you do this to us? You could have told us at the beginning itself, right? Are you seeking revenge for what we did at the past?

Dev: No mamaji.

Arun cries asking Lakshmi to do something.

Lakshmi: Ram, Priya, do you know this before?

Ram: Yes ma.

Lakshmi: Then why didn’t you told me?

Lakshmi gets angry….

Lakshmi: Today, Dev-Sandhya’s wedding will take place. Dev, tie her the mangalsutra.

Dev cries….

Bhabo: Priya, are you happy now? You spoiled my daughter’s life.

She scolds Priya a lot.

Dev: Stop it. Bhabi is not at fault. Everything is my mistake only.

Sandhya runs to her room…Bhabo, Arun and Neha go behind her.

Sona goes to Dev…

Sona: Dev, now tie me the mangalsutra.

Dev: Sona, shut up. You are creating a ruckus here.

Sona: I came leaving everything for you. But you are speaking like this.

Dev: Bhai and bhabi, I tried a lot but I realized that I can’t live without Sona.

Lakshmi: Stop this nonsense Dev. You should marry Sandhya.

Priya: Ma, Dev and Sona love each other a lot. She came here leaving her wealthy family. Please accept her.

Lakshmi: What will you do with Sandhya’s life then?

Priya looks at Sooraj.

Priya goes to Sooraj.

Priya: Sooraj, will you do anything for me?

Sooraj: Yes bhabi.

Priya: I will fall in your feet, please marry Sandhya.

Telling this, she falls in his feet.

Sooraj: Bhabi, what are you doing? Please get up. I will marry her for you.

Lakshmi: Dev, look at your brother. He is my brought up. He does everything for the family. But you…. Priya, I’m telling you now one thing. This girl is going to create all the problems in our family…

Priya: Ma, please don’t say like this.

Ram: I will go and convince mamaji.

He goes there.

Arun: We are leaving.

Ram: No, you should not leave. Sandhya will be our bahu.

Bhabo: How???

Ram: Will you marry Sooraj, Sandhya?

Sandhya and Bhabo are shocked.

Arun gets happy.

Arun: Atleast, in this way, my family and daughter’s reputation won’t go.

Sandhya: No, I can’t.

Bhabo: Yes, this marriage won’t happen. Sooraj didn’t even studied. But Sandhya has completed a degree. This won’t be matched.

Ram convinces them.

Arun blackmails them that if this marriage doesn’t happen, then he will commit suicide.

Sandhya, no other go accepts.

After sometime, Priya makes Sona ready. They bring both brides to the stage. Sooraj and Dev also comes to the stage….

Wedding rituals begin and Sandhya sees Dev and cries.

Sona and Dev look at each other and smiles.

They tie mangalsutra.

They take wedding vows. The pandit pronounce that they are wedding couples.

!!!!To be Continued!!!!

P.s: Sorry for less pictures. As, I updated this in a hurry, I didnt had time to search for pictures.

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