Madhubala death anniversary: Tribute to Madhubala’s incandescent performances and tragic life

Entitled as ‘The Marilyn Monroe of Bollywood,’ late actor Madhubala died on 23rd February, 1969, due to her prolonged illness at the age of 36.

The legendary actor, who graced the Indian cinema with her art and beauty, is sorely missed by millions of her fans. The classic actress of the bygone era was featured in some of the best timeless classics such as “Amar,” “Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi,” “Mughal-e-Azam” and “Barsaat Ki Raat.”

Madhubala was a gifted actor and was known for her beauty, personality, and sensitive portrayals of women in films.

The thought of knowing this iconic beauty arouse when I had reported her birth anniversary for the first time. The sites were flooded with everyone celebrating this beauty, who was no more with us. Curiosity is hat seeking me to know more and more about her that show she rule the hearts of people in that era, and that caused her sudden demise, and why the headlines covered “heartbroke” madhubala.

Some lesser known facts about Madhubala

The actor was the sole breadwinner in her large family. Her father Attaullah Khan and Madhubala often visited film sets in Bombay in search of work for her, after they relocated to the city post her father losing his job in the Imperial Tobacco Company at Peshawar.

Madhubala’s age was only 12 when she learnt driving and often used it as a form of relaxation.

A 14-year-old Madhubala was set to play a child role in Neel Kamal but following certain incidents director Kidar Sharma cast her as the leading lady opposite Raj Kapoor. The movie became the first to feature both the actors as the leads.

It was after the success of Neel Kamal that Devika Rani, another popular actor of those times, suggested for Mumtaz to change her name to Madhubala. The movie was the last to credit her as the country, this is where she obtained her name.

Her infamous romance with Dilip Kumar ended on quite a sour note and her father Attaullah Khan was one of the main reason for the same. The actors who starred together in the cult classic Mughal – E – Azam as Salim – Anarkali were not even on talking terms at the time, as mentioned in Kumar’s biography.

Madhubala’s father was always stringent of who she met and at what times. He was not okay with late visitors and often kept constraints on her.

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