Blueair Air Purifiers Review | Not AS EXPECTED!

Today we are going to present you with our finding of Blueair air purifiers. We have used this air purifier for about 1 month and this is what we think.


Blueair 7470i


Blueair Pro M


Blueair Classic 480i


Blueair 411


Blueair 7470i Air Purifier

Armed with HEPASilent Ultra Technology and GermShield Technology, the Blueair 7470i Air Purifier is the ultimate weapon for combating micro-sized airborne pollutants, including viruses. We appreciate the high CADR rating; this unit exchanges the air five times per hour in medium-sized rooms measuring 418 sq. ft. This air scrubber combines remote accessibility and voice commands via the Blueair App, Google Assistant, and Alexa to afford you stress-free control.

  • Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Remote control via Blueair App
  • Advanced filtration technology
  • High CADR rating
  • SpiralAir technology
  • Energy Star certified
  • Air quality indicator
  • GermShield Technology
  • Whisper quiet
  • Variable fan speeds
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Smart and durable filters
  • Certified by California EPA’s Air Resources Board (CARB)
  • Integrated air sensors
    • Connecting this device to your cell phone is kinda little hard
    • It is little louder when running on high speed
    • The lights seems very bright at night time

    Construction and Design

    Right out of the box, you will instantly notice that the Blueair 7470i Air Purifier has a unique design that will allow it to appear like bedroom decoration. This air cleaner is endowed with a rectangular shell with silver shade and a recessed black belt cascading from the top to the bottom of both sides of the unit. It comes with a default one-year warranty and an option to extend it to five years. We also love the 60-day trial period that allows you to test the unit’s performance.

    • Height: 27.2 Inches
    • Width: 11.8 Inches
    • Length: 11.8 Inches
    • Weight: 27.6 Pounds

    With the above dimensions, it’s safe to assume that the Blueair 7470i Air Purifier has a small footprint but will stand tall among your other appliances. We appreciate the hidden wheels that make it easy to push the unit when you require changing its position.

    Purification Level and Type of Filter

    The Blueair 7470i Air Purifier flaunts an extremely advanced filtration system that combines both electrostatic and mechanical technologies to ensure that you enjoy a crispy clean environment 24/7. It also adopts a three-stage filtration process to ensure the optimal elimination of 99.97% of airborne pollutants, including bad odors and toxic gases.

    GermShield Technology

    We love the GermShield Technology that monitors your indoor air for bacteria and common viruses; it subsequently employs a low air draft and plasma charging technique to kill the airborne contaminants. Besides, this function introduces a gentle stream of air to prevent the growth of new germs and bacteria. In the long run, this feature ensures that you enjoy an environment that’s free of allergens and disease-causing organisms.


    The first stage of protection against airborne pollutants is the patented preliminary filter that traps large and visible pollutants like hair, lint, fur, and dust. This unit comes with two pre-filters, which implies a wide filtration surface to ensure that no large particles go into the unit. These filters also protect the HEPA filter from clogging up and damage and thus prolonging its lifespan.

    HEPASilent Ultra Filter

    This is the second stage of filtration. It utilizes similar technology as the true HEPA filter but features germ-killing properties. This filter traps 99.97% of airborne pollutants as small as 0.01 microns and kills 99% of these contaminants to ensure that they are not re-introduced into your indoor environment.

    Activated Carbon

    This filtration stage is tasked with eliminating VOCs, smoke, and bad odors. It works by absorbing the gases and trapping them to ensure that they are not reintroduced into your room’s atmosphere.

    Our highlight: This unit comes with two individual pre-filters. The activated carbon filter is attached to the HEPA filter.

    Coverage and Performance

    The cute shell comprising the Blueair 7470i Air Purifier houses a formidable air-cleaning beast with an impressive CADR that allows it to recycle your air up to five times an hour in spaces as large as 418 sq. ft. We also love the SpiralAir Technology that draws air from the furthest corner of the room to ensure that no pollutants or odors are left lingering in your living space.

    Setup and Usability

    The Blueair 7470i comes fully intact and all set to clean your indoor atmosphere. We love the simplistic control panel with touch controls labeled with easy-to-comprehend icons. This panel also provides updates regarding your indoor air quality, including the number of pollutants, temperature, and humidity level.

  • We love the air quality sensor that monitors your indoor air quality and displays the results via a color scale. It also displays the pollution in the form of particulate matter (pm) to indicate the size of solid air pollutants.
  • This air cleaner boasts an Energy Star label and for a good reason. It draws 47 watts when running and 0.8W on standby mode. This makes it a low-power consumer, better than your conventional light bulb.
  • We appreciate this air cleaner for its low noise output of only 25dB on the lowest setting and 53dB on the highest fan speed, which means that you can use it in your bedrooms without worrying about noise disruptions
  • Safety is also not an issue with this unit as it is fully certified for electrical safety and ozone emissions by the CARB
    • This intelligent air purifier allows you to access the unit and make configurations via a smart app on your phone. Besides the app, you can also control the unit via Alexa and Google Assistant.
    • You can also activate the auto mode to allow this air cleaner to control your indoor pollutants automatically based on the information provided by the air-quality sensor
    • We also love the three fan speeds that allow you to control the rate of your indoor purification

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    A few maintenance chores will go a long way in keeping your Blueair Air Purifier r in optimal working condition:

    • The first step involves cleaning both pre-filters with a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush attachment once or twice a month depending on your location and pollution level. While at it, it would help if to clean the filter housing and air grilles to maintain a smooth airflow.
    • Also, consider cleaning the inlet to the air sensor with a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush attachment.
    • We also recommend replacing the inner filters every 6 to 12 months of use or when the change-filter alert light flashes

    Key Take-Away

    Armed with advanced air cleaning technologies, the Blueair 7470i Air Purifier promises to rid your indoor environment of harmful allergens and germs to ensure that you lead a healthy life. This air cleaner operates silently to provide you with a serene working, studying, or sleeping environment. We also admire the unit’s compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, which makes it easy to control from a distance via a smart app. With these smart features, you can command your unit to clean your indoor environment well in advance pending your arrival from the workplace.


    Blueair Pro M Air Purifier

    Armed with a V-Shaped HEPA Filter and electrostatic charge, the Blueair Pro-M Air Purifier guarantees efficient extraction of 99.97% of airborne pollutants from your indoor air. This air cleaner is designed to work in spaces as large as 390 sq. ft., where it delivers up to five air exchanges per hour to prevent the spread of pollutants in your space. It also comes with an Energy Star label for its remarkable air-cleaning abilities while consuming minimal power.

    • Energy Star certified
    • Super-efficient V-shaped HEPA filter
    • Low noise emission
    • Anti-bacterial filter
    • Optional smart sensor
    • Automatic light display-off
    • Smart sensor to be bought separately
    • Air Filter when changed smells in the beginning

    Construction and Design

    Appearance-wise, the Blueair Pro M Air Purifier doesn’t disappoint, especially if it’s to be used in a professional setting like an office. This air scrubber features a rectangular shape with a curved center. We love the galvanized steel housing that promises to last long and a smooth white exterior that allows the unit to fit seamlessly into formal settings. It also comes with large air inlet grilles located on the sides. This air cleaner comes with a one-year warranty and an option to extend the guarantee to five years. You can also test the unit for 60 days and enjoy the freedom to return it to the seller without paying a dime.

    • Height: 17 Inches
    • Width: 20 Inches
    • Length: 10 Inches
    • Weight: 26 Pounds

    With these dimensions, we perceive the Blueair Pro-M Air Purifier as a compact unit that won’t take up much space in your room. It’s also sufficiently lightweight to carry from one room to another without breaking a sweat.

    Purification Level and Type of Filter

    We love this air cleaner’s combined electrostatic and mechanical filtration, which facilitates the elimination of 99.97% of airborne pollutants like dust, bacteria, viruses, and pollen. The contaminants first go through the charging chamber where they are charged to make it easier for the HEPA filter to trap and remove them from the air. We love the filter’s V-shape that serves to enhance the filtration surface. The filter also contains anti-bacterial properties, which come in handy in protecting your home’s occupants from germs.

    Our Tip: You may replace the HEPA filter with a SmokeStop Filter, especially when you need to eliminate gaseous pollutants like VOCs and tobacco smoke.

    Coverage and Performance

    The Blueair Pro M Air Purifier is designed to handle small and medium-sized spaces. Its maximum room coverage is 390 sq. ft., where it delivers up to five air exchanges per hour to ensure that germs and visible pollutants like dust don’t spread throughout your indoor space.

    This air purifier also features an Energy Star label for its ability to clean your indoor air efficiently while using a negligible amount of power, similar to your light bulb

    We also love this unit for its low sound output of 33dB-55dB, which means that it won’t cause noise disturbances during your sleep or disrupt your daily activities whether in the office or at home

    Our Tip: You can convert this air purifier into a smart unit by purchasing an external air monitor

    Setup and Usability

    Designed with usability in mind, the Blueair Pro M features an easy-to-use control panel with basic fan speed buttons and the related indicator lights. The control board also features a filter change alert light.

    • We appreciate the three fan speeds from which you may choose depending on your desired purification rate, including high, medium, or low
    • The lights on the control board turn off automatically after 30 seconds, which prevents light disturbances to people who prefer sleeping in complete darkness

    Our Tip: The air quality indicator lights will illuminate when you connect the optional AIM system that monitors the level of pollution in your indoor atmosphere

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    To keep the Blueair Pro-M Air Purifier working effectively, you need to perform routine maintenance on the unit. This activity involves vacuuming the grilles with compressed air to ensure efficient airflow. You also need to replace the filters when the alert light illuminates. Remember to clean the cabinet before installing a new filter.

    Key Take-Away

    The Blueair Pro-M Air Purifier is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a compact feature-laden unit. We admire this unit’s versatility regarding filters, which makes it suitable for different applications. The Energy Star rating is also a point plus as it means that you can expect efficient operation without a spike in your power bills.


    Blueair Classic 480i Air Purifier

    Armed with intelligent air sensors, the Blueair Classic 480i Air Purifier will monitor your indoor environment and adjust its settings automatically to ensure that you breathe the freshest of air in your home. With this unit, you can make configurations remotely via Alexa through the Blueair App. We also love the VOC and PM indicators as they allow you to make sound alterations to your settings.

    • Energy Star certified
    • DualProtection filter
    • Low noise output
    • Hidden control panel
    • Robust chassis
    • Intelligent operation
    • Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Night Mode
    • Voice control via Amazon Alexa
    • PM and VOC indicator
    • A relatively high price
    • If machine runs on high speed, Filter needs to be changed every 3 months
    • No Pre Filter
    • Machine needs to be clean regularly

    Construction and Design

    The Blueair Classic 480i Air Purifier features the same shape as the Blueair Pro-M Air Purifier, but it’s taller. It also features the galvanized steel chassis that makes it robust and gives it a neutral appearance. This air cleaner also features large industrial vents that maximize airflow in and out of the unit. It also comes with a one-year warranty. Just like with the other Blueair air cleaners, you can extend your warranty to five years by registering your unit on the manufacturer’s website. You also have a free 60-day testing period.

    • Height: 28.4 Inches
    • Width: 25 Inches
    • Length: 15.5 Inches
    • Weight: 42 Pounds

    With the above dimensions, the Blueair Pro-M Air Purifier is anything but compact. However, this size suits it just fine given that it’s designed for large spaces. This air cleaner is also quite heavy at 42 pounds, but it features two recessed handles that provide you with a firm grip when moving it from place to place.

    Purification Level and Type of Filter

    The Blueair Classic 480i provides a three-stage purification system. The filters combine mechanical and electrostatic principles to ensure that 99.97% of your indoor pollutants are eliminated with ease.

    The Charging Chamber

    At this stage, the pollutants in the air are charged negatively. This charge renders them attractive to the positively charged filter, to which they attach effortlessly.

    HEPASilent Filter

    During our testing, we observed that this filter features a gradient design with extremely small openings, which make it capable of capturing pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. Such contaminants include dust, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, and dust mites.

    Carbon Filter

    This is the last line of defense and it’s designed to eliminate smoke, gasses, and odors from your indoor environment. With this filter, smoke and odor emanating from cigarettes and your kitchen have no place in your home.

    Coverage and Performance

    Designed for medium rooms, the Blueair Classic Air Purifier is capable of handling spaces as large as 434 sq. ft. and provides five air exchanges per hour. This unit boasts a CADR rating of 180CFM for smoke as well as 200CFM for dust and pollen in rooms measuring up to 279 sq. ft.

    • This air purifier only draws a few watts when operating, which explains the Energy Star certification
    • We also love the noise output rating of 32dB to 52dB, which means that you can enjoy efficient air purification without sacrificing your sleep or peace of mind
    • Despite its electrostatic feature, this air purifier boasts zero ozone emission, which is backed by its usage approval in California

    Setup and Usability

    After opening the package, you will find the Blueair Pro-M Air Purifier intact and ready for use. All you need to do is remove the filter’s protective coating and plug the unit into a power source. It also comes with a simple control panel hidden under a flip-top lid. This control board features indicator lights for the operating mode, air quality, fan speeds, and filter change.

    • This unit comes with three fan speeds that give you the liberty to control the rate at which airborne pollutants are extracted from your indoor air. It gives you the option to select High, Medium, or Low fan speeds.
    • We also love the night mode that reduces the fan speed to afford you an undisrupted night’s sleep. This unit also allows you to schedule when the night mode will activate or deactivate automatically.
    • You can also monitor or control this unit remotely via Alexa and the Blueair App on your smartphone
    • We also love the auto mode that allows the unit to monitor the quality of your indoor air and make the necessary changes to help lower the pollution level
    • The child lock also comes in handy in preventing kids and pets from interfering with your preferred settings

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    Keeping the Blueair Air Purifier in optimal condition is piece of cake; the process shouldn’t take you more than five minutes. This unit requires you to dust the air grilles with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air. You also need to replace the filters after every six months or when the filter-alert light turns orange. It would also help if you wiped the exterior clean with a damp cloth, which will serve to maintain its shiny appearance.

    Key Take-Away

    The Blueair Pro-M Air Purifier denotes a classy unit that comes with a three-stage filtration system to ensure the effective elimination of 99.97% of airborne pollutants. This smart unit features an air quality monitor that displays the pollution level in your indoor environment and triggers automatic air scrubbing. We also love the fact that you can monitor and control the unit remotely via the Blueair app coupled with Alexa.


    Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier

    Armed with a 360° air intake, the Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier guarantees efficient air cleaning in all the corners of your room. We appreciate the fact that this unit comes with two pre-filters with different colors to suit your aesthetic requirements. This air cleaner provides four stages of filtration to ensure the elimination of 99.97% of airborne pollutants from your indoor environment.

    • Compact design
    • Whisper-quiet operation
    • Energy Star certified
    • Washable pre-filter
    • One-touch controls
    • Four-stage purification
    • 360-degree air intake
    • Two pre-filters included in the package
    • A colorful selection of replacement filters

    Construction and Design

    The Blueair Blue Air Purifier comes in a cylindrical shape with a simplistic exterior. We Love the large air outlet and huge 360-degree inlet that form the largest part of the unit. This air purifier’s pre-filter is made of fabric and comes in two different colors, including dark and diva blue. Replacement pre-filters also come in a myriad of colors from which you can choose to suit your aesthetic needs. Despite the lack of robust construction materials, this air cleaner comes with a one-year warranty extendable to two years by registering the unit on the manufacturer’s website.

    • Height: 16.7 Inches
    • Width: 8 Inches
    • Length: 8 Inches
    • Weight: 3.4 Pounds

    As a cylindrical unit, you can expect the Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier to have a small footprint, which is also evident from the dimensions above. We also admire the fact that it weighs a little over three pounds, which makes it easy for just about anyone to carry around.

    Purification Level and Type of Filter

    The Blueair Blue Pure 411 comes with a four-stage purification system that ensures effective elimination of airborne odors, smoke, and visible pollutants like dust, hair, lint, and dander. This filtration system is so effective that it eliminates up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants leaving you with a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

    The Pre-Filter

    This is the first stage of filtration; it’s designed to trap solid pollutants like hair, fur, and dust. The pre-filter in this unit is made of fabric, which means that it traps finer pollutants than most of its counterparts. With the unique efficiency of the pre-filter, you can expect optimal longevity of the particle filter.

    Electrostatic Chamber

    This filtration stage operates as an assistant to the particle filter. It works by giving pollutants like dust, dander, and pollen a negative charge, which renders them an easy catch for the main filter.

    Particle Filter

    This filter captures all solid particles, large and micro, and boasts the capacity to eliminate up to 99.97% of all airborne pollutants from the room in which it’s placed

    Activated Carbon Filter

    This is the last line of defense in the filtration system. It’s designed to eliminate odor from pets, cooking, cigarettes, and aerosols. It also eliminates all types of smoke, including those emanating from kitchens, cigarettes, and wildfires.

    Coverage and Performance

    As a compact unit, the Blueair Air Purifier is designed for small spaces measuring up to 161 sq. ft., where it provides a complete air exchange every 12 minutes. This means that pollutants and odors will be eliminated before you get a chance to breathe them, and thus protecting your respiratory system. During our tests, we also learned that this unit has a CADR rating of 105 for smoke and 120 for dust and pollen.

    • We love this unit’s ability to draw only 10W of power when operating and 1.5W when on standby mode. This power rating implies that the unit is extremely energy-efficient, which is also evident from its Energy Star label.
    • You will also appreciate using this device in your bedroom, study room, office, or baby room thanks to its low noise output of 17dB to 46dB

    Setup and Usability

    Setting up and using the Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier is as easy as falling off a log. This unit comes fully assembled, meaning that all you need to do is plug it into a power source ad you’re good to go. It also features a one-touch button for turning it on or off and changing the fan speed. The fan speed control allows you to select the rate at which you need your room to be purified while also controlling the noise output. With this button, you may choose High, Medium, or Low speed depending on your needs.

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    With appropriate maintenance, the Blueair Air Purifier will remain optimally effective for a great deal of time. Some of the key maintenance chores for this unit include:

    • Vacuuming the pre-filter every week to remove dust; will ensure efficient airflow. Consider cleaning the filter by hand or through a washing machine with a low-temperature cycle once or twice a month depending on the level of pollution in your indoor air.
    • Replace the main filter every six months or at least when the change-filter alert light flashes
    • Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment or compressed air to clean the inner parts of the unit before replacing the filter.
    • Wipe the plastic housing with a damp cloth and dust the air outlet with a vacuum cleaner

    Key Take-Away

    The Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier is a noteworthy unit for people looking for a compact and versatile air cleaner with which they can take along on business trips and family vacations. We love this unit for its four-stage filtration system that ensures the effective elimination of 99.97% of indoor pollutants. Such include large particles like hair and dust and minute particulates like pollen and mold spores, as well as smoke and odors. We also love the multi-colored pre-filters that allow you to change the color of your unit to suit your home’s décor.

    The Bottom line

    Blueair air cleaners are among the most popular purifier brands and for a good reason. They have the ideal unit for everyone, including compact air cleaners for confined spaces and the ultimate powerhouses for large rooms.

    They also have air purifiers with a True HEPA filter and electrostatic technology for allergy and asthma sufferers.

    In our evaluation, we found that all the units discussed above have several excellent features in common. They all operate silently with the highest noise level being 55dB, implying that they won’t disrupt your sleep or study.

    All the models boast an energy star label and thus operating them will not cost you an arm and a leg. They also come with a filter-timer that tells you when to change or replace the air filter.

    To get the best value for your money, you will want to get a unit that utilizes the true HEPA filter, implying that it will extract up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants. Also, consider the CADR rating and the room coverage of your prospective unit versus the size of your space.

    Noise level, price, power consumption, and design are also prime considerations when getting the best Blueair air purifier.

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