Kaira Destined To be Together Forever Episode 6

Episode starts

Naira is sleeping peacefully while Kartik is with her admiring her sleep.Kartik gets up and walks to the kitchen. Naira’s face shows disturbance. She suddenly gets up and her face is sweating

Naira: Kaaartikkkkkkkkk

Hearing her shout everyone rush to her. Kartik pulls her into his arms

Kartik: What happened Naira?Naira: Woh…woh…

Kartik: Woh?

Naira: Shubham…I heard Shubham crying and maa ….

Kartik gets worried . He holds her tighter

Naira starts to cry

Rajshri: Bitiya dont cry like this. Kartik beta can I say something ?

Kartik: Nani dont ask like this. Tell us

Rajshri: Why dont you take her to a temple. Maybe she will feel light

Kartik: Why not? Chalo Naira get changed we will visit the temple

Naira nods and gets ready. Kartik is busy in kitchen. Mishti runs inside

Mishti: Bff?Kartik: Hey pretty lady..

Mishti: What is this?

Kartik: Karela juice for Naira

Mishti: But will Didi drink?

Kartik: She has to

Naira comes down in a salwar

Naira: Kartik shall we go?

Kartik: You first have this

He givesher the juice

Naira : Yuck

Kartik: What yuck? Doctor has advised it

He makes her drink by giving a rose Naira too drinks making a puppy face. Kartik chuckles

Kartik: Lets go

Both of them leave for the temple

Naira and Kartik are praying in front of the deity. They ring the bell together. The bell sound grabs the attention of Swarna walking away. She turns to see Naira and Kartik. Swarna gets shocked . She walks away. Naira sees her and runs to her

Naira: Maa…maaa

Swarna doesn’t stop. She walks faster in anger. Naira runs faster and tumbles. She is about to fall when Kartik holds her

Kartik: Naira are you mad? What if you fell?

Naira: Kartik..maa…maa

She points at Swarna

Naira: Ill go and talk to her

Kartik: Ill come with you

Naira and Kartik  catch up with Swarna who walks to her car

Naira: Maa please stop

Swarna: Why should I? You have snatched both my sons from me.Kartik: Maa

Swarna: You made a false promise to me. How can you leave me and support her? She is a liar and deceiver

Kartik: Maa please listen to us

Swarna: What lie now?

Kartik: Maa Naira is pregnant. She fell unconscious when she came to tell about Shubham

Swarna: So you fell on her side..leaving your mother.

Kartik: Maa please lets go home and discuss

Swarna: Ill come home if you abandon her here and come with me. Or else I am not coming there

Manish and Akhil rush there

Manish: Dont act mad Swarna

Kartik: Papa…

Manish: I called Naksh to ask about you and Naira thats when we got to know that you have visited the temple where Swarna has come so we came

Swarna: So everyone is on her side. Believing her lies

Naira: Maa I did not lie. I am really pregnant with our child maa

Swarna slaps Naira

Kartik: Maaa….

Kartik holds Naira

Manish: Dont be so foolish Swarna

Swarna: You are foolish . She has used pregnancy as a tool to win over all of you after killing my son

Akhil: Bhabhi please

Swarna:  Now what I want to know is , is it me or Naira. Whom do you want? If she comes home Ill not come

Naksh and Keerthi too come there. Along with them Naitik and Rajshri too come

Naksh: Maa my sister is

Swarna: You can talk with me as my daughter’s husband , if it’s Naira’s brother please dont talk

Manish: Swarna Naira needs

Kartik: Can I talk? Please.Maa you cannot call Naira a liar as it was me who lied always. I lied that Ill divorce her to save your life. But I tore those papers.

Swarna: What?

Kartik: Haan maa. I was angry with Naira but I cannot divorce her for that. She is my wife maa. I have taken the vow that Ill stay with her till my last breath. And your is condition that Naira should not come to Goenka house if you stay there right. Then okay fine she will not come to Goenka house hereafter

Manish:  Kartik?Akhil:  How can Naira leave the house forever? You said…

Kartik: Chachu please let me finish

Swarna: Kartik my decision is final. Choose soon

Manish:  Swarna…we choose Naira. You may leave

Kartik: Papa please stop. She needs you the most now. Losing a son is a big deal. You have to be with her

Manish: Then Naira too needs you during pregnancy. How long will you be shuffling between houses?

Kartik: Papa I did not finish yet. Maa Goenka house will have only you. Ill take Naira with me and leave for Mumbai. We are taking of Imperial college right. Ill handle it and shift to Mumbai with Naira. Maa you go home now. Be happy . Chachu please take her home.

Swarna gets into her car and Akhilesh takes her home

Manish: You are leaving the house?

Kartik: Haan papa..if the house has no place for Naira it has no place for me too

Manish: Kartik the house always has place for Naira and you. Swarna is

Kartik: Papa please understand maa needs you

Manish: For that how can you leave the house? I cannot let this happen

Kartik: Papa we are just being away giving some time for maa to heal. Now she is angry with me too. If we stay here we will have a problem.

Naksh: Why cant you be at our house Kartik?

Kartik: Naksh then she will start hating you too.Naitik: For that how can we send you both away? Naira is pregnant

Kartik: I will hire a maid and take care

Kartik realises that Naira is silent for long

Kartik: Naira what happened? You are silent

Naira: Atlast I made maa’s words true. I snatched her sons from her

Kartik: Naira dont think like that and feel bad. Its my duty to be with my wife

Manish: We will handle Swarna , you both come home

Kartik: Will the home be the same for us papa? If we pamper Naira wont Maa feel bad

Manish: For that should I send my bahu beta and my unborn grandchild away?This time she needs family  as much as she needs you

Kartik: Papa please understand. Maa needs family more. Its better that we leave the house

Naksh: Still why Mumbai?

Keerthi: If she hates us we can win over but Naira is the daughter of our house. She has every right to stay there with her husband

Kartik: Keerthi Naira too needs a change of place. If she is here she will always be thinking about maa and Shubham. Didn’t you see what dreams she is getting and how scared she is? Thats why I am saying that we will be in Mumbai for sometime

Rajshri: Kartik beta Ill come with you too..if you dont mind for..

Kartik: Nani please don’t embarrass us.Naitik: Ill come too Kartik

Kartik: Naksh no you have Krishna here and please son in law after a son..Please be here and take care of everyone in my absence. Please take care of papa

Naksh: Kartik dont say please. Its my duty.Manish: Beta

Kartik: Papa just for sometime

Manish: As you said Naira too needs a change. Make her happy. Thats more important .Kartik hugs Manish. Manish kisses his forehead.The scene freezes

Goenka house

Kartik gets all his luggage and gets ready to leave. Luv and Kush come to him

Luv: Bhaiya are you leaving us forever?

Kartik: Nahi nahi noodles. We will be back soon

Kush: You will be back with bhabhi na?

Kartik: Pakka

Kartik gets down and walks to the doorway. Swarna is sitting in the couch staring at Shubham’s picture. Not willing to hurt her more Kartik walks to Dadi

Kartik: Dadi please dont bid bye with this sad cry face. Your kittu is going to take over the college

Dadi: Take care of Naira beta. She needs you the most

Kartik: Sure dadi

Kartik takes her aashirvaad and bids bye to the Goenka house.


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