Move Over Zendaya, There’s a New Woman in Tom Holland’s Life

Nadia is a close friend of Sophie Turner’s who works as a London-based actress and has appeared in dramas like The Spanish Princess and Doctor Who.

Tom, too, is very self-aware about his Instagram presence and the conclusions fans would draw about his relationship status. He told Esquire earlier in 2021 that his massive fanbase was a big reason he’s so guarded about his love life online.

“If you were to break up with that person, people will have their own opinions as to why you broke up or whose fault it was,” he said. “And me being a famous person and having people that love me around the world, if I were to break up with a poor girl, they might think it was her fault. And I wouldn’t want that pressure to be on someone because of me.”

So, for the curious, the snaps he posted of Nadia weren’t at all as spontaneous as they might have seemed at the time. “I spoke to her about it, and that was something that she felt comfortable with me posting,” he told Esquire. “But I am very, very selective with what I post.”

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