The Girl on the Train (2021) ending explained

This article contains major spoilers for The Girl on the Train (2021) ending.

The Hindi remake of The Girl on the Train is terrible garbage. But, while it mimics the structure and many of the twists of both the source material and the 2016 Hollywood adaptation, it builds to an all-new turn built atop an all-new subplot, so it’s worthy of some examination if only to see quite how badly it went wrong.

That is, at least, until Mira sees Nusrat with another man, and jumps off the train to intervene, to prevent her from ruining her “perfect” life. When she comes to she’s covered in blood and has become the chief suspect in the investigations of Inspector Kaur, who is looking into the disappearance and eventually death of Nusrat, which Mira has to sober up a bit in order to investigate herself.

So far, so familiar. And it continues along those lines in its revelations. In a series of non-linear sequences, we learn that Nusrat was pregnant and that neither her husband nor the man Mira saw her with is the father. Mira runs into Shekhar’s former boss, who reveals that he was fired not because Mira embarrassed him, as he made her believe, but because he was carrying on an affair with a female member of staff – Nusrat, as it turns out. This leads Mira along a path of several revelations in montages set to ill-chosen songs, during which she realizes that Shekhar gaslit and abused her, using her alcoholism as a cover, and he continued to do so even on the night that Nusrat died.

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