those who approve and those who disapprove of Brad Pitt’s COLETA

Had you hugged the short hair at 57 years old? If that’s what you want, so be it. However, and now that it seems that his next jobs in the cinema are not in front of but behind the cameras, he has decided to continue growing his hair until … tucking it into a ponytail. Ay, what without living, we don’t know what to think Do we like it or dislike it?

With maskDressed in ripped jeans and a casual jacket, Brad and some colleagues loaded tools and lighting equipment into his truck. Also, she carried a very large bag slung over her shoulder that seemed to weigh a lot. Will this ponytail be part of any of the next projects that you are going to star in? What are the series The Killer, for Netflix and the movie Bullet Train.

Well we do not know but we will be very attentive to find out … and deciding what feelings we have towards this unexpected collection.

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