Andalusia adds 1,097 cases and those admitted to the ICU approach the peak of March

Andalusia adds 1,097 cases of Covid-19 coronavirus this Saturday, February 27, a figure slightly lower than the 1,197 of the day before and somewhat more distant from the 1,634 of seven days ago, according to the Ministry of Health and Families, which has accounted for 38 deaths, higher at 33 on Friday, but lower than 46 on last Saturday.

The 38 deaths on this day are the third lowest mortality figure of the week after the 33 deaths on Friday, 58 on Thursday, 93 on Wednesday, 100 on Tuesday and eleven on Monday.

By provinces, Cádiz is the one that has registered the most deaths, with eleven, followed by Seville with eight, Malaga and Granada with five each, Córdoba with three and Huelva, Almería and Jaén with two.

For its part, the 1,097 positives for this day are lower than the 1,197 on Friday, the 1,256 on Thursday and the 1,311 on Wednesday, but almost double the 634 on Tuesday and the 650 on Monday.

Seville is the province that has detected the most infections, with 264, followed by Malaga with 242, Cádiz with 160, Almería with 150, Granada with 148. Below a hundred are Córdoba with 52, Jaén with 46 and Huelva with 35.


Andalusia registers 1,892 patients hospitalized for coronavirus, 93 less than on Friday and 685 less than seven days ago, of which 451 are in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 32 less than the day before, 154 less in a week and so which places the region close to lowering the peak of ICU patients from the first wave of March 30 (439).

By provinces, Malaga continues as the province with the most hospitalized with 400 and 60 of them in the ICU, followed by Granada with 303 and 81 in the ICU –the highest number of patients in the ICU–; Seville, with 303 and 79 in the ICU; Cádiz with 287 and 70 in ICU; Almería, with 206 and 67 in ICU; Córdoba, with 147 and 42 in the ICU; Jaén, with 157 and 31 in the ICU, and Huelva, with 89 and 21 in the ICU.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, Andalusia has registered 474,557 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic –1,097 more in 24 hours– and has reached 8,421 deaths after adding 38. For its part, the accumulated number of hospitalized goes up to 37,617, 115 more. The number of patients who have passed through the ICU reaches 3,713, after adding 19 in the last day, and the number of cured patients is 321,102 after adding 2,359.


Regarding the accumulated provincial data, of the 8,421 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic –38 more–, Seville with 1,689 –eight more– remains the province with the most deaths, followed by Granada with 1,471 –5 more–, Malaga with 1,398 -five more-; Cádiz with 1,241 –11 more–, Jaén with 860 –two more–, Córdoba with 847 –three more–; Almería with 633 –two more– and Huelva with 282 –two more–.

For its part, cases confirmed by PCR or rapid antigen tests have reached 474,557 since the beginning of the pandemic –1,097 more–, led by Seville with 99,975 cases –1,097 more–, followed by Malaga with 83,996 –242 more–, Cádiz with 69,985 –160 more–, Granada with 68,490 cases –148 more–, Almería with 44,706 –150 more–, Córdoba with 42,881 –52 more–, Jaén with 40,075 –46 more– and Huelva with 24,449 –35 less–.


The accumulated cases of coronavirus that have required hospitalization are 37,617 –115 more in 24 hours–, with Seville in the lead with 8,115 –13 more–, followed by Malaga with 6,940 –18 more–; Granada with 5,851 –44 more–; Cádiz with 4,738 –11 more–; Jaén with 3,812 –six more–; Córdoba with 3,692 –five more–; Almería with 2,820 –16 more–, and Huelva with 1,649 –two more–.

Of these, 3,713 have passed through the UCI in Andalusia –19 more in 24 hours–, with the province of Seville leading with 756 –5 more–, followed by Granada with 630 –three more–; Malaga with 587 –two more–; Almería with 438 –one more–; Córdoba with 434; Cádiz with 429 –two more–; Jaén with 338 and Huelva with 101 –six more–.

Finally, the number of cured patients reaches 321,102 in the entire region, 2,359 more than the day before, with Seville leading with 68,483 –320 more–, followed by Malaga with 54,663 –708 more–; Granada with 50,367 –87 more–; Cádiz with 40,928 –451 more–; Jaén with 31,190 –312 more–; Almería with 30,353 –83 more–; Córdoba with 30,104 –102 more– and Huelva with 15,014 –296 more–.

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