Bookies predict Harry and Meghan may name child Diana, after his late mother, if baby is a girl, or Arthur if it’s a boy

With the birth of their first child just weeks away, the odds are already reportedly in the favor of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, naming their child after Princess Diana. The 37-year-old Meghan and 34-year-old Harry have still not revealed the gender of their baby but bookie site William Hill has revealed that the favorite baby name so far is Diana, with odds of 10/1. The gesture is said to be a tribute to Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, who died when he was only 12 years old.

Other favorites when it comes to the choice of name for the future royal include Alice and Victoria for a girl and Arthur or Edward for a boy.

The Duke and Duchess will be following Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, if they named their child after Diana. William and Kate gave Princess Charlotte the late Princess’ name as a middle name, reported the Daily Mail.

Some of the other baby names that have come up as popular choices for the future royal are Alice, which holds second place if Meghan has a girl with odds of 12/1, Victoria with 14/1 odds, and Alexandra with 16/1 odds. As the gender of Harry and Meghan’s baby remains a secret, other people are still hoping that they will be able to win something by choosing a boy’s name.

The name Arthur is currently in the lead with 12/1 odds with Edward and James popular at 16/1. According to the bookies involved, they have received more bets for the name of the Harry and Meghan’s child than when Duchess Kate was pregnant with Prince George.

Rupert Hill, of William Hill, said: “Royal baby betting has never been more popular and the public clearly loves Harry and Meghan. At this stage, we think turnover will be higher for the Sussex baby than it was for Prince George.”

He added: “The killer blow for the bookies is for the baby to be a girl and for them to choose to call her Diana.”

Prince Harry admitted publicly before that he did not speak enough to his brother William or to anyone else for that matter about the death of his mother Diana, Princess of Wales. The expectant couple has been pretty busy in the past few weeks leading up to the birth of their first child.

They flew to Morocco last week to take a royal tour and Meghan was in New York the week before that for her baby shower.

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