Chrome Gets Sweet New Profile Experience

Over the coming weeks, Google is going to rollout a new profile picker and setup page that lets you customize profiles, pick them easier with each new Chrome launch, etc. It should be a helpful way to get everyone who uses the same computer to launch their own Chrome setup rather than someone else’s.

Why setup profiles on Chrome? Well, when you setup a profile that’s attached to your Google account, it’ll sync passwords and bookmarks across Chrome, so you can then access everything on other devices. It also lets you customize the look of Chrome for you with themes or colors. And most importantly, it separates your stuff from your partner’s or kid’s.

Again, the new Chrome profile manager is coming soon, but should start rolling out to some right away. To start accessing profiles, even if you don’t have the new experience, click on that icon in the top right next to the settings menu. Yes, that’s your profile image.

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