Laura Pausini: “If you get used to the awards, the flame is going out”

Roma – Laura Pausini has just won a Golden Globe with her foray into cinema, but insists that she wants to keep her feet on the ground: “If you get used to the awards it is a sign that the flame is going out,” she says from her small town in northern Italy, your refuge in these happy days.

“You don’t have to get used to the awards. Obviously I learned it over the years, but I think that if you do it, it is a sign that the flame is going out and that you may not deserve to be there ”, he points out in a telephone conversation, at times without hiding his emotion.

The Italian singer knows what she is talking about. His record includes trophies such as the 1993 Sanremo Festival, which marked the beginning of his career, but also several Grammys, which in the end are the result of his millions of records sold all over the planet.

The last one is a Golden Globe for the best original song for “Io Sì”, a song he created with Diane Warren and Niccolò Agliardi for the Italian film “The life ahead” (“La vita davanti a se”), the return of Sophia Loren to the screen.

“I continue to get excited about these things because I also realize that there is a percentage of luck,” says this 46-year-old star whose youth dream was to play the piano in bars, like her father.

After knowing his triumph, this “half Italian half Spanish”, as defined, immediately felt the affection of his Italian and foreign colleagues in the form of endless messages, among them those of the Spanish Alejandro Sanz and Pablo López, he confesses.

The singer has covered her followers with her ballads for years, but now she has dared to put music to a film, something she already did in “Message in a Bottle” (1999) but in a different way.

She remembers that in this case she fell in love with the film, an adaptation of Romain Gary’s 1975 novel of the same name about a former prostitute and Holocaust survivor who takes in poor children at home.

“I was moved by his message, like a tachycardia, and listening to the song I wanted to sing it, I wanted it physically, as if my vocal cords wanted it,” he recalls.

During the recording phase, he placed himself under the orders of the director, Edoardo Ponti, Loren’s son: “I was directing myself like a puppet but in a good sense, I felt that I was moving my voice and that is something I did not know,” he says, as he maintains that she always sang freely.

Although this has been a “unique and unforgettable experience”, he doubts that he will work in the cinema again: “When something giant happens I almost never want to repeat it, it will be very difficult for him to accept another invitation of this type”, he advances.

However, many see “Io sì” a good option for the Oscars: What if you win? “I’m retiring”, she cuts hastily and ironically, as if without wanting to think about it, because these promotional rhythms don’t go with her. Of course, he will never stop singing, “music will always be there”, he swears.

The topic speaks of the “invisible”, of those who live without the attention of others, a situation increased with the pandemic and felt by those who went through confinement, like herself.

“At the beginning of the confinement (in March 2020 in Italy) it is not that I had a depression, this is a very different disease, I had a slump, I did not know how to position myself in my life nor could I write,” he says. But everything changed with the movie.

Now she is worried about the situation of culture in Italy, where cinemas, theaters and concerts are still silenced. In this sense, he does not hide his anger at the authorities because he believes that thousands of families living in this sector have been “abandoned”.

“They see our work as something occasional or playful, but it is not a hobby,” he says, while affirming that he understands the difficulty of the situation and its management.

This Wednesday he will return to the place where it all began, the Ariston theater in Sanremo, although without participating in the festival, only to support it in this unprecedented year, without an audience due to the virus.

About the future, the singer-songwriter began to compose and think of new ideas in January, but the Golden Globe nomination came immediately and, with it, the revolution, since the promotion has not given respite. “By day I work with Europe and at night with America,” she alleges, exhausted.

But he promises his followers that something will come sooner or later. At the moment listening to songs in various styles waiting for that “hit” that captivates her because, she concludes, “an album must be born from a motivation, not from a contract”.

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