Separation for Vincent Bolduc and his spouse for the past 15 years

Vincent Bolduc first opened up about her breakup this week on social media.

The popular entertainer and the mother of his children separated a year ago. They had been in a relationship for 15 years.

In a touching text posted on Instagram, Vincent Bolduc reveals that he is still on good terms with the mother of his children and that they are his top priority:

« Even though we decided to go our separate ways almost a year ago, we have continued to celebrate as a family the important and defining moments during the year. Because the children we have chosen to have and raise together come above all else and deserve all our love and attention.

Children should always be the priority.

If you do decide to go your separate ways one day, I hope you do so with equal respect, listening and kindness on both sides. ? “

What an inspiring reflection!

Vincent Bolduc is the father of three children, two of whom were born from his last relationship. He is also the father of Sacha, born from his previous union with Anaïs Favron.

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