Thor Love and Thunder : Taika Waititi rappelle Matt Damon pour une nouvelle séquence théâtrale

The future film “Thor: Love and Thunder” is still talking about him. Images of the shoot have just leaked onto the web. These reveal that Taika Waititi will yet offer a quirky scene featuring a re-enactment of Thor’s story with other actors. The filmmaker had already had this experience in “Thor: Ragnarok” with in particular Matt Damon and Sam Neill.

Thor – Love and Thunder : a movie eagerly awaited by MCU fans

Still directed by Taika Waititi, who had directed Thor: Ragnarok, Thor : Love and Thunder is the fourth solo film of the Asgardian god. This new adventure will adapt the arc of Jason Aaron’s comics. A story in which Thor loses his Mjolnir, his enchanted hammer, which ends up in the hands of Jane Foster, his former girlfriend. The latter, however, is suffering from terminal cancer. Each of her transformations into the Goddess of Thunder weakens her a bit more. Thor, meanwhile, loses his divine powers and his title, to become Odinson. This is a very successful comic book series, which notably features a powerful enemy: Gorr, the slayer of gods. The latter will be for the occasion embodied by the inimitable Christian Bale, which thus joins the great family of the MCU.

Thor : Love and Thunder also stage other characters. Natalie Portman is back in the shoes of Jane Foster. A role she had since neglected Thor: The Dark World. The rest of the cast consists of Tessa Thompson returning as Valkyrie, and much of the Guardians of the Galaxy, including Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan and French Pom Klementieff.

A new theater stage

And the casting seems to grow with the confirmation of new actors, the time of a rather funny scene. Taika Waititi had already done the trick in Thor: Ragnarok. The time of a short sequence, the director had reproduced the history of the previous films through a theater scene required by Loki. This sequence appears at the beginning of the film, when the god of lies took control of Asgard. To make fun of his brother, he changes reality and transforms his past exploits as he pleases. For the occasion, Taika Waititi had gone all out to surprise his spectators, with a high-end alternative casting. So, Luke Hemsworth was replacing his brother Chris Hemsworth in Thor’s skin, Matt Damon donned Loki’s clothes and Sam Neill pitched Odin. A secondary cast as impressive as the original which will therefore return in Thor : Love and Thunder.

Indeed, Taika Waititi will reiterate this scene in the next opus of the saga Thor. Luke Hemsworth, Matt Damon and Sam Neill were spotted on the set of the film. In all likelihood they will resume their roles for the time of a new theater scene. But this alternate casting even goes welcome a new actress. Apparently, Melissa McCarthy to play Hela, the time of this caricature. The actress will therefore interpret this hairpiece of the character played by Cate Blanchett in the previous installment of the license. All this announces very heavy for a new sequence filled with humor and derision.

“Sam Neill behind the scenes of a scene from Thor: Love and Thunder as a fake Odin”

“Melissa McCarthy as fake Hela in Thor: Love and Thunder”

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