Return to Killer Form of The Walking Dead’s Carol and Morgan Excites Fans

After Sunday’s tense episode “Bury Me Here,” however, it looks like the two finally have come to their senses – and fans took to Twitter cheer about it.

When crazy season 3 Morgan comes back…

— The Walking Dead (@BAMF_walker)

Spoilers ahead!Stop here if you haven’t seen episode 13, season 7 of The Walking Dead

Fans Call Out Richard for His “Dick” Cantaloupe Move

Still trying hard to find a way to convince King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) to enter into the fight against the Saviors, Richard (Karl Makinen) comes up with another plan (since the “Carol as bait” one didn’t work) to set things off.

One melon was not worth a Benjamin! ?

— Writers After Dark (@WritersAfterDrk)

Richard making this all about him. Well who will raise Ben’s lil brother now fam?

— Rod (@rodimusprime)

Richard will be known as Dick from now on.

— Carsen (@carsenonair)

Richard’s melon plan backfired like…

— inkclover (@ink_clover_art)

Is Morgan’s Reaction Justified?

When Morgan goes a little crazy over Benjamin’s death and discovers it was all Richard’s doing, viewers gave their impressions on how Morgan would react.

I’m not sure if Morgan is more frightening when he is speaking or when he is silent.

— Niki Fisher (@ZZsMom35)

Uh-oh … Morgan got two sticks now.

— Tania (@shopgenx)

This is not going to end well for Richard?

— Grimes Family 2.0 (@courtgirl26)

Morgan bout to go back to the sunken place.

— Marcus (@Marcus_Sniffles)

Not even Richard’s heartfelt confession and explanation of why he did it could sway Morgan. In front of the Saviors, Ezekiel and the rest, he kills Richard with his bare hands. Oh, snap, say fans.

And all over Twitter people are yelling at Morgan to do one thing

— CSD2 (@Mann_4ever)


— Chinua AcheBae (@SorahyaM)

Morgan has snap, crackled and popped.

— Hershel Greene (@HershelGreene1)

There were some, however, who didn’t like the fact it took the death of this one kid to finally get Morgan back into the killing game, especially after all the horrible things that happened in Alexandria.

Sooo Morgan didn’t care about Glenn and Abe getting killed and Darryl getting tortured BUT Ben dying pushed him over the edge? ?

— 4fortune4 (@4fortune424)

I’m pissed that Morgan rides this hard for people he just met, but not Alexandria.

— Jay (@JayLearning)

Bringing Carol into the Fight

After killing Richard, a bloody Morgan shows up at Carol’s door.

“What happened to you?”

“Killed Richard”

— The Lord (@LordDougCaputo)

He tells her what really went down in Alexandria, how Negan killed Glenn and Abraham and how Alexandria must serve the Saviors. Seeing the traumatized Morgan, Carol realizes she can no longer sit back and do nothing.

Carol orginally left because she knew she becomes cold blooded when they killed her loves. Morgan knew how to bring her back.

— Trinity Lane James (@Random_Azz)

By the way, fans are still completely shaken by even mentioning Glenn and Abraham again. We are right there with you.

Everytime I hear Glenn and Abraham mentioned

— Joshua Flowers (@joshflowers1)

Everyone Is Damn Glad Carol Is Back, That’s For Sure

She knows what has to be done now and returns to the Kingdom. She is going to whip those folks into shape with Ezekiel’s help, while Morgan sharpens his stick at Carol’s house.

The old Morgan and Carol are back, Negan better watch out.

— The Walking Dead (@TalkOfTheDead)

negans about to meet the real queen of this world

— Zoe Dolge (@ZDolge)

Carol AND Morgan reactivated?!? It’s bout to be Wrap City

— Willie Evans Jr. (@Willieev)


I’m ready for this!!

— Sophia Crystal (@Crys_LiiT3)

With only three episodes left in The Walking Dead, it’s all finally coming together ― except Sasha and Rosita’s stupid plan needs to be squashed.

Sasha Attempting To Assassinate Negan. Will She Succeed In 7×14 “The Other Side”?

— Rick Grimes (@RingLeaderRick_)

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC

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