5 hot careers in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, is all the rage in 2021, and for good reason. Digital currencies offer a new way to pay for things online, and it has taken the financial world by storm.

Cryptocurrencies (or “crypto”) are unregulated digital currencies used to pay for goods and services online, or to trade back and forth for profit. Many companies have created their own digital currencies (referred to as “tokens”, similar to what you’d use at an arcade to play a game).

There are more than 6,500 different types of cryptocurrencies, though Bitcoin is by far the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency.

“Blockchain” is a term that collectively refers to a decentralized set of computers that track and record the use and value of cryptocurrencies.

Many investors see cryptocurrencies as the wave of the future and are scooping them up (such as Bitcoin) before their values go higher. Crypto is unregulated and removes the concept of a “central bank”, which governs (and generally reduces) the value of the U.S. dollar.

If you are looking for a job in the cryptocurrency industry, you’re in luck. Crypto is increasing in popularity and the industry is looking for top talent to fill critical roles.

5 hot careers in cryptocurrency

As you might imagine, jobs in cryptocurrency require a very specific set of technical skills, such as Java, machine learning, Python, artificial intelligence (AI), C/C++, Node.js, and Amazon web services (among many others).

But, you might be surprised that not all crypto jobs require a deep understanding of software development and technology. The softer skills, such as creative problem-solving, effective communication, and a mastery of the written English language are also in demand.

And, having an entrepreneurial spirit also doesn’t hurt.

Here are 5 hot careers in the cryptocurrency industry.

1. Blockchain/Crypto Content Writer

The crypto industry thrives in part based on public perception of the currency.

As a result, crypto-based companies are always looking for experienced content writers to keep “oiling the machine” and ensuring people stay interested in blockchain technology and willing to use it and invest in it. These jobs require expertise in writing – usually in English.

2. Business development

Since crypto is still relatively new, emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency companies need business developers to shape their services based on market demand and also create opportunities across many different industries, like finance and healthcare, for example.

Establishing relationships and closing partnerships are critical, and good business developers in cryptocurrency can be very influential. These jobs usually require degrees or experience in business and finance.

3. Software developer / Machine learning scientist

These crypto jobs require a specialized and deep understanding of technology, including algorithm development, computer security, and user-friendly digital interfaces designed to connect investors with cryptocurrencies.

Machine learning jobs require experience in natural language processing (NLP) and a sophisticated understanding of data structures and algorithms. Many of these jobs require master’s degrees.

4. Security engineer

Security is a crucial aspect of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and companies pay big money to ensure their digital assets are secure and protected.

These jobs involve the creation of highly-secure and rock-solid software systems to protect both the company’s, as well as customer’s, data. These are detail-oriented jobs and generally require a degree in computer science and, depending on the employer, a Security+ certification.

5. Financial analyst

The bedrock of cryptocurrency is in its investments from the public. Financial analysts study cryptocurrencies and recommend investment opportunities and general financial strategies to investors and customers.

These jobs require the evaluation of risk and deep knowledge of sound financial strategies, regulations, and political circumstances that can affect the value of cryptocurrencies.

Typically, crypto companies want their financial analysts to have a degree in business or finance, and many will also be certified public accountants (CPA) or have a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification.

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