Culture will include writers in Asturian in the reading promotion programs

Literature in Asturian and Galician-Asturian will have a presence in the campaigns to encourage and promote reading organized by the Ministry of Culture. In addition, Asturian letters will be the protagonist of an activity within the 2022 Frankfurt Book Fair.

Spain will be the guest of honor of the fair and, at the proposal of the Principality, literature in Asturian will have its own activity within the official program. This was agreed by the Minister of Culture, Language Policy and Tourism, Berta Piñán, and the Director General of Book and Promotion of Reading, María José Gálvez, at a meeting held this Tuesday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Accompanied by the general director of Linguistic Policy, Antón García, Piñán conveyed to Gálvez the need to give visibility to creation in Asturian and Galician-Asturian, including it in both the reading promotion campaigns launched by the ministry led by José Manuel Uribes and in promotional activities.

Thus, in addition to having a prominent presence at the next Frankfurt Book Fair, the participation of writers in the Asturian and Galician-Asturian languages ​​in two programs of the General Book Directorate was also agreed: the Literary Meetings at IES, aimed at promoting reading among Secondary students, and the meetings of authors in bookstores, within the framework of the Elective Affinities program.

The literary encounters in public institutes and centers where Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) is taught aim to develop the habit of reading. In this cycle, which will promote the mobility of Asturian creators and the dissemination of their work, an author, chosen by the institute, will talk about their work and their creative process and will then hold a dialogue with students. Previously, the students will prepare the activity with the reading of the selected material and agreed with the teachers of the center.


On the other hand, in the context of the Elective Affinities program, Asturian literature will have a presence in activities aimed at promoting the programming of independent bookstores and supporting literary creation, highlighting the linguistic plurality of Spain. favoring dialogue between different languages ​​and contributing to the dissemination of works from different territories.

This initiative consists of organizing meetings in independent bookstores between two writers and translators, each of whom encourages referring to the other’s work and work, looking for similarities, connections and even divergent paths.

In addition, The Directorate General of the Book in charge of the protection and promotion of literary creation and reading, undertakes to integrate Asturian into its promotional campaigns from now on.

Gálvez, also responsible for the development of libraries and the promotion of equality in access to this public service, informed the Minister of Culture about the inclusion of works published in Asturian and Galician-Asturian in the catalog of state libraries .

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