Engineers are on the brink of breaking a massive encryption barrier

Whether written invisibly with or encrypted with complex math, secret messages are passed on through a myriad of bizarre and convoluted ways.

A team of engineers from China is introducing a new way to secretly transmit our most secret data or access secure locations using a tool that can be found on your person at any time: the human hand.

In their in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the team demonstrated how infrared radiation (i.e. heat) coming from the hand can be used to not only decrypt secret messages but also to create passcodes that cannot be cloned or reproduced, granting unique access to information or locations with just a wave.

The integration would offer a power-free, multi-functional decryption system with intelligent human-machine integration — in other words, a powerful way to secure data that is controlled by the human body instead of a computer.

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