PAC-MAN 99, a Battle Royale spin on the classic game, is coming to Nintendo Switch Online

PAC-MAN™ is back in a new 99-PAC-MAN battle royale! PAC-MAN™ 99 goes live 4/7 at 6 PM PST, exclusively for members!


PAC-MAN 99 is a Battle Royale twist on a classic game, similar to the ideas behind Super Mario Bros. 35 and Tetris 99. It sees players take on the role of the titular yellow circle, PAC-MAN, as he tries to survive the onslaught of colorful ghosts. Players can attempt to sabotage their competitors by eating a Power Pellet before devouring ghosts, whose… ghosts are then sent to attack other players.

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Eating smaller Sleeping Ghosts creates a line behind regular ghosts, making it even more difficult for the recipient of these extra enemies. Players can also send shadow versions of themselves in the form of a Jammer Pac-Man to others, which, if touched by the attacked player, will slow their movement down significantly. Strategies can be implemented by choosing whether to focus on characteristics like speed or strength, and choosing to attack players based on whether they’re close to dying or as a counter for being attacked.

Those who wish to take a break from the competition can also take advantage of the bonus modes provided in the form of (paid) DLC: players can battle CPU opponents, or focus on scoring or time. No matter what players choose to play, it’s clear that the Nintendo Switch offers a wide variety of great games.

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