Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Reflects On Rick Missing Out On A Big Pokémon Card Payday – Exclusive

In the interview, Chumlee wasn’t about to go down the “I told you so” route on Rick when it came to the subject of him passing on the Charizard cards. It’s a dilemma Chumlee faced himself, albeit on a much smaller scale. In a season 18 episode that aired prior to the interview, a prospective seller brought in a wrapped, mint condition version of the Nintendo video game Mike Tyson’s Punchout!! from 1987; he was seeking a $100,000 payday. Chumlee held firm on his $60,000 offer, and doesn’t regret letting the seller walk out of the door, game in hand.

“Well, when we’re talking that kind of money, it’s got to make sense to Rick, and video games? They just don’t make sense to Rick that much. I do think if I followed correctly, that game actually did sell for over $70,000. I was looking online trying to follow it recently,” Chumlee shared with Looper. “Does Rick wish he would have bought it and made a quick few $1,000? Maybe he does. But it goes back to the big Charizard Pokémon collection that we had several seasons ago. And now some of those cards are selling, from that same collection that guy had, some of those cards are going for, oh, a couple-100,000 apiece. And does Rick wish to go back in time and buy it? Sure, he does.”

Reflecting further on the Pawn Stars fan question submitted to Looper about the Charizard miss, Chumlee said the best way to rectify the situation is to stand firm by the decision to not purchase the cards, no matter how much money it would have made the shop.

“[Rick] always says, ‘I can’t speculate on futures and then the pawn business, I can only pay what it’s worth now at this time — and that’s how he looks at things,” Chumlee said. “I’m a little more lenient. I kind of try to watch trends and say, ‘Well, this is going to go up. I can’t pay too much for it, but I could pay a little more than I normally would.’ And I do that. Rick’s not so guilty of that though.”

New episodes of Pawn Stars season 18 are playing now on History.

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