9 Best Duffle Bags in India: 2021 Reviews

Duffle bags are one of the most convenient travel bags as they are more comfortable and easy to access.You can easily pack your things with minimal fuss as it accommodates more than its outer appearance.

As they are light in weight, you can easily carry them around during travel. And moreover you can easily toss them under the plane seat, back of a car or any other vehicle.

However, not all duffle bags are created the same. Before purchasing a duffle bag,we recommend to consider the below factors to make an informed decision.

Size –This important factor is measured in terms of liters. Suitable size usually depends on the travel type and duration. Below are some general considerations…

  • Weekend Trips –30 to 50 liters is enough
  • 1 to 2 weeks Trip Duration – 50 to 75 liters should be sufficient
  • Big expeditions –75 to 100+ liters

Material – Thick polyurethane is the most commonly used material for duffle bags because it is robust, strong, durable and waterproof as well. However, some manufacturers use ballistic nylon which is strong enough but not water-resistant.

Rolling Vs Carry – For long travel destinations or international travels, we recommend to go for rolling duffle bags as they accommodate more. And moreover, the wheels will cut down the weight of carrying it manually. However, if you are going for a weekend travel, then carry strap duffle bag type is enough.

Apart from these three factors, you should also consider -compressor straps, daisy chains, U-shaped zipper and others. You can read detail description of these points in our BUYING GUIDE.

To make things a little bit easier, we have shortlisted Top 9 Duffle Bags In India that are worth every penny you spend on them. We have listed them below with a detailed description later.

Best Duffel Bags in India

Best Duffle Bag Reviews in India

1. Skybag 39 Litre Duffle bag

Coming from the well-known brand, this Skybag Cardiff duffle bag swoops the first place on our list for its practicality and durability. Made out of high-quality polyester this Cardiff duffle bag sustains pressure and exploitation without damaging the goods inside.

The Skybag Cardiff is a wheeled duffle bag that comes with a large compartment, two side pockets, two hind wheels and a retractable handle. To add to its constructive design, the bag comes with a shoulder strap and two padded handles to provide easy manoeuvring options.

The bag provides good quality zippers and butterfly lock to safeguard your belongings. The duffle bag weighs light and has 39 litre capacity to carry sparse baggage. To ensure durability, Skybag has an additional strong base to prevent the essentials from getting damaged during travel.

Notable Features

  • Two hind wheels
  • Retractable handle
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Dimension: 52 X 28 X 27 cm
  • Capacity: 39 litres
  • 1-year warranty

Easy on the eyes and hands, this Skybag Cardiff duffle bag is an excellent choice available at a low price. The material is good enough to handle daily wear and tear. One stellar point is the practical placements of side pockets. The handlebars, shoulder straps and the retractable handle allow easy manoeuvring of the luggage. Ideal for small getaways!

  • The adjustable soft shell case
  • Good quality polyester
  • Can sustain rough handling
  • Easy manoeuvre
  • Stylish build
  • Not water resistant
  • Not laptop compatible

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2. Thames 50 Litre Duffle Bag

Following the lines of the Skybag Cardiff is the Thames polyester travel duffle bag with multiple compartments and handling options. This fashionable and lightweight product takes up the second spot for its generous storage compartment space.

With 55 litres capacity, Thames duffle bag scores big on space organisation. It comes with one large compartment and multiple side pockets for storing light travel essentials. The bag also comes with a shoulder strap for cross body fit, two regular padded handles and a retractable handle for easy manoeuvring.

The tough polyester material guarantees the product’s longevity and in no doubt is made for rough handling. The bag has padded back and sidewall protection to sustain pressure. This unisex duffle bag is an amazing alternative for a cabin suitcase.

Notable Features

  • Two hind wheels and telescopic handle
  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Dimension: 55 X 34 X 30 cm
  • Capacity: 50 litre
  • Back and side guards
  • Smooth zippers

The Thames duffle bag has a good and sturdy build. No doubt it is made to sustain for years. The double stitches on the straps and sides prove that. With a capacity that large, the bag can be used for a week-long vacation. The hind wheels and telescopic handle make it easier to handle the luggage. Overall, it is a well thought of and well-designed bag.

  • Affordable
  • High-quality stitches and design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Heavy for a short outing
  • Not laptop compatible

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3. American Tourister 61 Litre Duffle Bag

The most trusted company when it comes to bags and luggages- American Tourister stands third on the list for its mere absence of hind wheels and retractable handle. In its defence, this nylon blue duffle bag is a traditional duffle bag, unlike the other two-wheeler/rolling bags. Overcoming this flaw, the duffle bag is designed to neutralize additional pressures on shoulder blades and spine by providing you with padded handles.

The duffle bag is made from a tough and long-lasting fabric that is also lightweight and water-resistant. The spacious main compartment is complemented with multiple side and front pockets.

This unisex travel bag is available in different colours to suit your liking. The large holding capacity of this bag measuring up to 61 litres makes it the number one choice amongst the traditional duffle bags.

Notable Features

This softshell bag has the capacity to devour maximum luggage. Perfect for not only on weekends but a medium travel plan, this nylon duffle bag is ideal for carrying to places with varied weather conditions. Highly durable, affordable and reliable!

  • Large storage capacity (61 litres)
  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Dimension: 55 X 28 X 31 cm
  • Weight: 771 gm
  • 1-year warranty
    • lightweight
    • High quality nylon
    • Nice build and design
    • Multiple compartments
    • Water-resistant
    • Large storage capacity

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    4. Clownfish Ambience 20 Litre Duffle Bag

    This faux leather duffle bag from Clownfish Ambience is among our top 5 for its lightweight, water-resistant and stylish design. Although the outer material is synthetic, the bag is water-resistant and provides a nice outlook.

    The soft premium brown leatherette is lined with polypropylene which makes the bag water as well as scratch-resistant. The durable material of the bag gives it a classic and chic look when added with good-quality metal fittings and reinforcements. The material of the bag makes it easily collapsible when not in use saving you some space.

    The bag also provides multiple pockets within the main compartment for easy carrying of small and light essentials. The large compartment stores clothes and other essentials weighing up to 6 kgs. The bag is supported by a sturdy pair of cushioned handles and a shoulder strap for easy handling.

    Notable Features

    • Capacity: 20 litres
    • Large storage compartment with multiple pockets
    • Dimension: 45 X 23 X 23 cm
    • Weight: 848 gm
    • 1-year warranty
    • Water-resistant

    The faux leather bag is an amazing product to lug around. Although it is made to carry for short trips and weekends, the svelte design of the bag makes it worth buying. A lightweight product that is meant to resist harsh weather conditions and rough handling!

    • Lightweight
    • Made out of premium brown leatherette
    • Sturdy build and elegant design
    • Water-resistant

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    5. Fur Jaden 35 Litre Duffle Bag

    Another unisex faux leather bag that manages to grab the attention of the people is this Fur Jaden textured weekender bag that takes up the fifth spot on our list. Made up of polypropylene like the previous one, this faux leather duffle bag is water-resistant.

    The minimalist design of the bag adds to its practicality making it an ideal carry on for a weekend. The fabric is well thought of as it resists and withstands all sorts of pressure and rough handling. The bag is supported by smooth and good quality zippers to secure the contents.

    The bag comes with a large compartment accompanied by a small side pocket to fit in travel documents and the likes. Complete with a shoulder strap and a pair of padded/cushioned handles, the bag is easy to haul over or carry.

    Notable Features

    • Capacity: 35 litres
    • Large storage compartment with a side zip
    • Dimension: 47 X 27 X 28 cm
    • Weight: 700 gm
    • 1-year warranty
    • Water-resistant

    A fashionable, stylish and practical choice for a weekend! Weighing light, the bag holds the capacity to carry around 4-6 kgs. Available at an affordable price, this unisex bag is a must-have for everyone as a fashion accessory.

    • Lightweight, and versatile
    • Good quality
    • Water-resistant and durable

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    6. Gear Cross Training Duffel Bag

    Gear is a popular brand for laptop and adventure bags that are well-known for their large storage space and versatile looks to suit every personality.

    This DUFCRSTNG0406 duffel bag from the brand comes with a capacity of 22 litres. So, it is suitable for solo travellers and one-day trips. Having the dimensions 38 x 24 x 24 cms, this bag fits easily in your car trunk or beneath the train seat. As it is meant for a single-person use, you can also use it as a personalized gym bag.

    The bag has a single compartment with a large storage to fit your shoes, bottles, headphones and other toiletries along with your clothes. There are two side pockets and one front pocket too. So, you can store your paper napkins, keys or any essentials in them.

    The bag has a single compartment with a large storage to fit your shoes, bottles, headphones and other toiletries along with your clothes. There are two side pockets and one front pocket too. So, you can store your paper napkins, keys or any essentials in them.

    Coming to its features, the bag is completely made of polyester. So, it not only resists scratches and rough use but is also waterproof. So, you can carry this bag for hiking or camping during any weather conditions. There’s a single strap that comes attached with the bag which is adjustable to easily carry it on your shoulder.

    Additionally, there are grab handles with padding and mesh. This makes sure your palms don’t develop sweat after carrying the bag for a long time.

    Apart from all these features, the bag is backed by a 1-year warranty from the brand against all the defects in workmanship.

    Notable Features

    If you are looking for a bag for a solo traveller or for carrying your gym gear, this bag is worth the investment. It is waterproof and also lightweight.

  • Large storage space ( 22 litres), adequate for a single user.
  • Waterproof polyester fabric ensures durability.
  • Lightweight (460 grams).
  • 1-year warranty.
  • One large compartment, 2 side pockets and 1 front pocket to carry all your essentials.
    • Spacious compartment and multiple pockets
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Water-resistant
  • Affordable
    • Not compatible with laptops.

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    7. Safari ARC Polyester Duffle Bag

    Safari is a well-known brand that produces easy-to-use travel bags made with finest fabrics. Its bags have vibrant colours, making them stand out from the lot.

    If you are looking for a luggage bag with wheels, trolley and straps for easy handling, this ARC duffle bag is for you.

    With a capacity of 40 litres, this bag can be used for an overnight trip or for a weekend stay. If you are someone who carries all the essentials right from napkins to shoes, this bag would be sufficient for a single person. And, if you pack light, this bag can fit the clothes of even two people.

    This duffle bag has one large compartment with a u-shaped opening, so you can easily put all your clothes, shoes and other essentials. There’s also a front zipper pocket that’s large enough to carry all your keys, chargers and other accessories.

    Coming to the features, the bag is made of polyester, making it durable. However, it is not water-resistant, but can resist a few spills. The bag also has a bottom-lug protection to make it stand stable on any surface. The wheels attached to it are flexible and help you maneuver the bag in any direction.

    Moreover, this duffle bag measures 26 x 31 x 55 cms and weighs just 1900 grams. So, it doesn’t feel heavy when you hold it with the straps.

    To conclude, this bag comes with a whopping 5-year warranty from the brand. So, you don’t have to worry about damages and defects.

    Notable Features

    • 40-litre capacity, best for short trips.

    Having the trolley feature, this bag is ideal for someone who travels a lot for business meetings or trips. Also, the 5-year warranty is a big plus.

  • Comes with hand straps and also a trolley for ease in carrying.
  • Bottom-lug protection to make the bag stand on any surface.
  • 5-year warranty from the brand.
  • Weighs just 1900 grams and is easy to hold for long.
    • Spacious main compartment.

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    8. F Gear 55 Litre Duffle Bag

    Built for an adventurous holiday, this f Gear Explory travel duffle bag is next on our list. Following the conventional design, the cylindrical shape makes a great appeal for buyers looking for a softshell carry-ons.

    If the picture can speak, one can observe multiple compartments and the shape of the bag are pretty elongated. It is large enough to fit your sports equipment and is water-resistant. The high quality polyester is durable and meant for rough handling. The bottom of the bag is hardbound to protect the contents within. The bag is supported by a pair of regular handles and a shoulder strap.

    The bag is meant for outdoor activities and rough and tough use. It can be stowed, dumped and stored anywhere without having to worry about the essentials inside.

    Notable Features

  • Lightweight
  • 40-litre capacity
  • Easy to carry.
    • Large storage space with multiple compartments
    • Dimension: 60 X 31 X 30 cm
    • Polyester material that is highly durable
    • Capacity: 55 litres
    • Weight: 700 gm
    • 1-year warranty

    Whether you carry it for the gym, camping or a weekend getaway, this bag is made for outdoors. Its large compartment helps you store large items such as rackets and bats. The material is of superb quality and is highly durable. The bag weighs light and has sufficient holders to help you haul over the luggage.

    • Spacious with multiple compartments
    • Lightweight and multi-purpose
    • water-resistant
    • Durable and low maintenance
    • Pocket-friendly
    • Not laptop compatible
    • Not to store delicate objects

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    9. Auxter Blacky 15 Litre Duffle Bag

    Simple, stylish and functional! All rolled into one, you get Auxter Blacky gym bag. Whether it is for your daily trips to your gym or for a small weekend getaway, this faux leather bag adds to your style quotient without burning a hole in your pocket.

    This leather gym bag is a perfect model for durability and comfort. It comes with a simple one large compartment to put in all your essentials and is supported by smooth zippers and a shoulder strap apart from the cushioned pair of handles. The adjustable shoulder strap is an added bonus to an already practical design. The quality of the fabric is excellent and its durability is not something one should worry about.

    Notable Features

    • Capacious storage
    • Dimension: 43 X 23 X 23 cm
    • Highly durable polyester material and faux leather
    • Embossed logo
    • Capacity: 15 litres

    The stylish bag should be an addition to your wardrobe. Meant for heavy-duty, this bag also comes with a water-resistant lining to some extent.  The only drawback would be its size. It can be used as a gym bag or a second-weekend bag but not for larger contents.

    • Spacious single compartment
    • Lightweight and water-resistant to some extent
    • Durable and low maintenance
    • Pocket-friendly
    • Not laptop compatible
    • Not to store delicate objects

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    10. Aristocrat Dale Polyester 51.6 Cms Blue Travel Duffle Bag

    Aristocrat is a part of the well-known brand VIP. It offers office bags, suitcases, backpacks and duffle trolleys. All the bags from the brand offer more space and are also durable.

    Coming with a capacity of 46-litres, this Dale duffle bag from the brand is ideal for carrying the garments and other accessories of a couple headed for a short trip.

    This duffle bag has one u-shaped large compartment, similar to the previous one. So, you can easily load and unload your clothes and accessories. There’s also a large front pocket to carry all your tiny accessories like keys, ID cards and toiletries.

    These compartments come with high-quality zippers with a butterfly locking system to ensure all your belongings inside are safe.

    This bag also has a trolley and two front wheels, making it easy to carry the bag even when it is fully loaded. The corner guards beneath the bag make it easy for the bag to stand erect on any surface.

    Coming to the material, the entire bag is made of polyester to endure rough use. Moreover, this bag measures 1.6 cms x 26 cms x 29.5 cms, so it easily fits in the flight cabins, buses or trains.

    Moreover, this duffle bag comes with a 5-year warranty against all the manufacturing defects.

    Notable Features

    • 46-litres capacity to carry all the essentials of two people.

    This is a 46-litre large capacity duffle bag made of polyester material that resists rough usage. So, you can purchase this one if you are a regular traveller.

  • High-quality zippers with butterfly lock.
  • Polyester fabric to ensure durability.
  • 5-year warranty from the brand.
    • 46-litre large capacity
  • Easy to carry with trolley and wheels.
  • Zippers with locking mechanism to safeguard your belongings.
  • 5-year warranty
    • This one is also not water-resistant.

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    Duffel bags are affordable, durable and practical when it comes to travelling with minimal supplies. In addition to that, they add to the style quotient and suit people of all genders. They are user-friendly and easy to carry around. They are a good alternative for the large, clunky, hard-shelled carry-ons.

    Our pick from the list is the Skybag Cardiff Polyester. It is by far the best one out there which comes with convenience and at a very competitive price. It is small, durable and comes from a well-known brand-Skybag. If you go for small frequent getaways, this one should be your choice.

    Tell us your choice in the comment section below! We are all ears!

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