Can You Use Any Amp For Electronic Drums?

There are two ways you can produce sounds with your electronic drum, either through headphones or an electronic amp. While the former is often widely used, the latter is perfect if you have quality sound. When you opt to use an amp for your electronic drum, it is always essential to select the type of amp carefully. Drummers often tend to opt for guitar amps or amps designed for other instruments when playing their electronic drums, and from all indications, this can be a wrong idea. So, in this article, we do justice to whether or not you can use any amp for your electronic drums.

Guitar Amps

Guitar amps are one of the most widely used electronic drums. However, it is not built for the sound requirements of an electronic drum. Instead, it is specifically made to attempt to the needs of a stringed instrument. Therefore, guitar amplifiers can conveniently handle mid-range to high-frequency sounds. On the other hand, electronic drums produce a wide range of sounds, from low bass drum sounds to high pitched frequencies. With these differences in sounds produced from both instruments, it is evident that the guitar amps are not built to play with an electronic drum. Plugging your electronic drum into a guitar amplifier can damage the amplifier speakers, especially as you start playing frenzied beats. So, it is often the best option to use an electronic amp for your drums.

Keyboard amp

The Keyboard amp is another alternative amp drummers often use for their electronic drums. Originally built to handle high-pitched sounds from the keyboard, they contain a strong loudspeaker that amplifies the sound to decent levels. Keyboard amps can easily support electronic drums because they have the in-built sound requirement to meet an electronic drum’s sound demands. However, the issue lies in the quality of sound that emanates from the Keyboard amp.

Most of them don’t produce that natural crispy sound for listeners to enjoy the electronic drums well. Since keyboard amps are accustomed to different sounds, they are not prepared for an electronic drum’s specific chime. Therefore, while the keyboard function better for electronic drums, they don’t meet the particular sound requirements.

Use a specialized Electronic Drum Amp

The best amp for electronic drums is the appropriate electronic amps. They possess the right tools needed to amplify the sound of an electronic drum ideally. First, electronic amps have the proper power ratings to handle sounds emanating from the drums. Most electronic amps have an in-built tough shell that can handle various sound pitches without taking any damage. Also, size and weight are appropriately measured to produce quality sounds.

The Best Electronic Amps for your Drums

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