Director’s Cuts That Are Better Than The Original

There’s so much to love about the 2004 film Hellboy. The script is so sharp, the production design is so mind-blowing, and the performances are so pitch-perfect that all you want to do is spend more time in this wonderfully weird world, hanging out with all of these sweet and lovely monsters.

Fortunately, the director’s cut of Hellboy gives you a chance to do just that. There are no big changes here, just a bunch of small to medium ones. The dialogue scenes run a little longer, so the characters have a bit more space to play off each other, and there’s also a bit more time spent on wordless establishing shots, so the viewer has more time to soak in the film’s gorgeous scenery.

There’s also a bit early on where we learn that the villain of the film, Rasputin, has no eyes, and he wears a pair of glass eyes instead. Then, during the climax, one of Rasputin’s glass eyes gets knocked loose, and an otherworldly tentacle squirms out from his empty eye socket. It’s a super creepy moment that we think should’ve definitely made it into the theatrical version of the film.

All in all, we think the director’s cut of Hellboy is a bit better, but the differences are slight, so this is one case where it’s not the end of the world if you’ve only seen the theatrical cut. After all, the end of the world happens in both versions.

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