Eze Charles Iroegbu And His Chiefs Kidnapped In Imo State – Politics

The gunmen also kidnapped the cabinet chiefs of the kingdom who accompanied the Royal majesty to a public function within the state.

The respected monarch, who is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of All States Mass Transit, and his cabinet chiefs were kidnapped after attending a traditional wedding in Mbano, The PUNCH reports.

They were in three vehicles and were heading back to the kingdom when the gun-wielding men waylaid them and diverted their movement, our correspondent learnt on Thursday.

The abduction of the monarch and his cabinet chiefs had caused panic in the community.

A source said, “His Highness and his cabinet chiefs were on the back from a traditional wedding ceremony in Mbano when they were kidnapped. This is unbelievable and there is fear and panic everywhere.”

A community source, who confided in our correspondent, expressed worry that the kidnappers had not established communication since they struck.

He, however, said that the community was relying on God for the safe return of the king and his cabinet chiefs since police formations in the state were under serious attacks.

The police spokesperson in the state, Orlando Ikeokwu, said that he could not confirm the abduction when he was contacted by our correspondent.

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They want to distabilize south eastWhile their propaganda machines are here hailing and blaming ESN,their bandit brother are busy causing mayhem


Dammed this bastard maize kanu finally make my peaceful state ungovernable.


The fulani led Federal government is out to destroy Igbo land, to discredit Ipob and ESN.. Igbo people should keep guide..

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When will all these come to an end?What is really happening?The pastor’s who are good at predicting these happenings should help us with solutions, please.We beg you all in the name of God.


this country nawa o

So suddenly dis ediots in government want to turn Imo State in particular to a warzone


And if there’s any security issues in the East, hold any Yoruba you see responsible

Same goes to the North any kidnapping, banditry problems hold every Ipob in that state responsible

With this security idea if Buhari will adopt it esp the new IG, we’d not only be making the country safe but will also lay a foundation to the country of our Dream


It appears to be the linchpin of a wider, longer-term strategy that will culminate in an extension of this infernal regime beyond 2023


This is just the beginning. Una never chi chumtin.




Kudos to them.


Igbos una never wake up ba.. E go shock una


Nah injustice dem dey fight for, so no problem.All hail oloripelebe lamidi cownu and his esn guys, sadist is finally save now


Uzodinma should resign. FG should consider appointing Kanu as sole administrator of IMO state. Akpabio once said: “what money cannot do,more more money can it”.

Kudos to them.

aggrieved polititians dealing with hopeless uzodimgba

Kudos to them.

Heard those 10 villages seized in oyo are yet to resume farming and their obas yet to administer.

Yoruba people celebrating war in the east while fear no gree them cough as Yoruba land is tightly under siege

Say hi to IGBOHO

And a bigger one to Tinubu

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Let IMO burn … after all Na conditions Apc gave to Uzodinma before he became governor

Umahi is lamenting and regretting that very Apc move

Apc government is pure evil

Nigeria problem is Apc




Yoruba sef

Forgetting 10 communities in Yoruba land presently have no king and are rule by WAKILL son

With idps in another country…. this people have become refugees . And idps

Let IMO burn … after all Na conditions Apc have to hope before he became governor

Umahi is lamenting and regretting that very Apc move

Apc government is pure evil

What happened to your fingers, I noticed you can’t write a long episode this time? . What happened bro

Kudos to them.

Don’t let IPOBS catch you oo

This is fake news, Lagos-ibadan express news- ESN.

Bla bla bla!

What happened to your fingers, I noticed you can’t write a long episode this time? . What happened bro

—If we oppose unknown gunmen na wahala.

What exactly do you want?


Meanwhile Rochas from a distance staring at uzodinma nd what he’s passing through in governance like…Shebi u needed to dance; oya beat don set…

—If we support unknown gunmen na wahala.

—If we oppose unknown gunmen na wahala.

What exactly do you want?

Yoruba people of southwest

Why can’t una face the killers in your region or even support IGBOHO or Tinubu or even killers that your people are daily begging for peace without headway

I’ve got details of your people meeting daily with leaders of herdsmen..

There’s always something begging for Yoruba support… but una dey fins am difficult to face una front

Support those idps in Benin

Are dis guys spirits, why is the Nigerian police so incompetent and shameless like dis??

Typical Yoruba human gibberish and trash


Ghen ghen.

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