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Ruby’s Roundup!

When the backyard gate was accidentally left unlatched, Ruby the German Shepherd went on an afternoon adventure! Thankfully she was wearing her AKC Reunite collar tag — and with a good Samaritan’s help, she was reunited in no time!

“We were at church fellowshipping after services,” said Jason, Ruby’s owner. “A couple of our kids went home to get something which is next door and one of them accidently didn’t latch the lock to the gate.” Because of this, Ruby was able to escape, unbeknownst to Jason or his family!

A few minutes later, a good Samaritan spotted Ruby and after seeing her collar, realized she was someone’s pet. Ruby was corralled and the passerby immediately dialed AKC Reunite’s 1-800 phone number from her collar tag!

“We get a phone call from an 800 number and ignored it because we were talking to others,” said Jason. “[We then] got the text message where we saw that Ruby was found. We immediately went outside and thankfully she was just across the street with someone who stopped at an espresso stand. Having the AKC Reunite tag on the collar helped us learn our dog was even missing and able to retrieve her back! Thank you!”

If your pet goes missing and is found, will you know to answer our call? Add AKC Reunite’s recovery service phone number, 800-252-7894, to your mobile phone’s contacts today!

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