There Was No Gunmen Invasion In Aba – Eyewitness (Pictures) – Crime

The reason behind the shootings was that an argument ensued between a white sienna driver and a keke driver, they were arguing at Number 1 (Azikiwe road). A police man on mufti (SARS/RRS) who decided to intervene on the power of his uniform was beaten up.

He however managed to call his colleagues who on reaching the scene fired randomly into the air. Hereby causing the entire people there to run helter skelter.

Soldiers positioned at Bata junction now blocked the road (Bata junction) on hearing gunshots. Probably to protect themselves. Officers at CPS (Central Police Station) Aba also fired shots into the air. Traffic was grounded and people were now running everywhere. Rumours now started flying about that gunmen were attacking CPS. Already the topic has hit Nairaland Frontpage already.

There was no injury or loss of lives. But the windscreens of the vehicles at the point the argument started were all smashed. Rumour is that the RRS officers are responsible.

Normalcy has since returned as the soldiers have already removed there road block at Bata Junction


Everything being equal, a police officer have no right to fire his weapon on open space where there are civilians going about their daily business,,, but welcome to Nigeria a lawless nation where the law makers are the law breakers,,, it’s a pity and I hope no life was lost in the fracas

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Barely hours after the RRS officers were done with their shooting, traffic resumed

False information go finish this country las las.


Barely 2 hours after the brouhaha, traffic started as usual. If an attack really took place, the streets would be empty.


Thanks to God no life was lost. They were just shooting as a show of force. Later now they will say unknown gunmen this and that and now start Python dance


Please I don’t find fun in this even when I see others do and ordinarily I won’t be doing this if not that things are tight and very tough with me at the moment. I know God can use anybody here to help me. Bible says ask and it shall be given. I’m not forming anything that is not real but just need little help to survive. My 20k salary collected days ago finished due to my mother’s ill health and family pressure and now I’m completely broke and hungry. Please I need any little assistance from anyone here. I don’t know you but God knows you and will reward you handsomely for helping me. 0015,470921, Sterling Bank, Charles.

Help me clear the air on this

The RRS are the unknown gunmen that have been going round causing anarchy and destroying lives and property.


Welldone Op for setting the record straight

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I foresee this government being the worstin history

I foresee both hope and uzodima drinking beer for the act they pulled

Sadly I foresee both men loosing relivance after 2023

This I have seen



some people have been masturbating since morning because of the fake gunmen invasion. I think that it is time for them to stop their masturbation now.


SE can never turn to North as some people are thinking already…


avonja Tinubu’s urchins will be disappointed


Thank you Op for the clarification.

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the sars officer want to show himself lol so he want to disappear and appear Thank God they gave him back chair


Meanwhile, while they were celebrating the downfall of Igbo land and the eventual transformation of Southeast to another Borno, Amotekun and OPC terrorists were busy burning down over 100 houses in Ondo state, thereby sacking more than 3 communities comparable to a full LGA and killing many. I still wonder why Yoruba youths of today hate peaceful, success-focused Igbos so much even when Igbos have done them no bad while they pally, support and defend Fulani herdsmen killing their own people in their land…….

It remains a mystery why Yorubas of today celebrate bad news that happen in Southeast and Southsouth……if you doubt me, go and check the threads about Nigerian Military and Airforce invasion and bombing of a community in Akwa-Ibom and Benue States and watch how Yoruba youths on this forum have been celebrating it and cheering Nigerian Army on to destroy them including ESN that have not killed one soul in Yoruba land. Its a mystery oh, my dear Yoruba friends please repent oh….karma is real oh, hmmm


Look at what Kanu has done to Igboland. No more peace.


Why does Aba have so much rickety vehicles and dilapidated buildings?.

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That’s exactly what happened. when I saw the headline about UGM invading ABA, I just smiled cos I was around pound road and heard the gist as it was exactly told by the OP. everyone scampered for safety when we heard the gunshots probably from CPS. thanks so much onyem


they just want to paint igbo’s black


Afonjas and that stupid meat seller manabr……., will not like this news


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