What I changed myself to satisfy clients without losing the standard | by Hoang Nguyen | Mar, 2021

5 tips from a Designer’s perspective.

Typically, a designer will start a new project with eagerness because:

This client seems easy-going. He also has good taste and has all his faith in me. This definitely will be a project which I should proudly add to my portfolio. Let’s do it!

Later on, after lots of changes and suggestions, that easy-going person is nowhere to be found. He has transformed into a demanding client with weird taste, which ruins your initial good ideas. Eventually, the project finishes, but we feel that it is one we should not feel proud of and decide not to use in our portfolio.

It’s all because of the clients. Because they are so demanding!

Now let’s consider, have we ever been in the shoes of an annoying client?

  • If my cup of coffee has so much milk, I will ask for more coffee.
  • If my Kamikaze (a cocktail mixed from vodka, lime juice, liqueur) is too sour, I will ask the bartender for another one.

Not only in the Creative industry, but annoying clients do also exist in all industries. Here are five tips I learned from over 9+ years working as a Product Designer.

Creative majors are often “in the same boat” in customer management. So I hope this may provide a perspective to other creators to apply for their case.

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