What The Final Days On The Set Of LOTR: The Return Of The King Were Like

The final days of pick-up shooting were what Peter Jackson later described as a long series of goodbyes, as each member of the cast completed their last shots for The Return of the King. Every farewell was momentous, complete with toasts, gifts, and speeches as the cast paid tribute to the crew and vice versa.

This meant, among many other things, that the cast members were presented with gifts, and those gifts were very often memorable props from their time making the film. Numerous cast members, including Ian McKellen and Elijah Wood, were given their characters’ swords to take home. Costume elements were also popular: Wood received his final pair of Hobbit feet, Miranda Otto, who played Eowyn, received her character’s silver belt, and Liv Tyler got one of Arwen’s gowns.

When it came to the copies of the One Ring itself, though, only two members of the cast were granted them. In the end, both of the trilogy’s Ring bearers, Andy Serkis and Elijah Wood, were sent home with their own Ring.

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