Here’s Why ‘Squirtle’ Trended on Twitter Under ‘Politics’

Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Here’s Why Squirtle’s Trending on Twitter Under ‘Politics’”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Pokémon is a long-running, much-beloved franchise, and so if you saw “Squirtle” trending on Twitter, you might very well assume at first glance it’s because of people professing their love for one of the most famous starter Pokémon.

Unfortunately, on Thursday night, Squirtle was trending under “Politics.” And it was trending for… um… uh…

Okay, let’s back up here. The Daily Mail ran a report that shared a photo of what is alleged to be a still from a Hunter Biden sex tape. On Thursday night, Fox News primetime programs showed said image from said alleged sex tape on air.

The image got a fair amount of attention on Twitter, and people noticed that there is a, um, giant plush Squirtle in the frame.

If finding out about this made you shudder, well, then, you know how this editor felt after looking one fateful day in September 2018 at why Mario Kart was trending.

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