New SYM Fiddle 50 and 125 to move around town in classic style

That the scooters are the most common motorcycles in cities it is clear; which are the best-selling models in the motorcycle market, too; They offer comfort and load capacity, of course. But if we can add a bit of style to all this, much better. On this basis, the SYM brand has presented the new Fiddle with two possible engines: 50 and 125 cc.

The bodywork is shared by both engines of the new Fiddle, Therefore, the speed with which it is intended to reach the sites and the fuel that one wants to consume to do so varies, although in either case it will be little, since they are new engines updated to comply with the Euro 5 regulations. In which it is not only a matter of reducing polluting emissions, but also going much further in mechanical modifications to be more sustainable and provide greater user-friendliness with superior performance. Both the 50cc and 125cc engines feature a 2-valve SOHC 4-stroke cylinder. In the case of the model 50, it mounts a new engine that develops a power of 3 CV at 8,000 rpm, in which the main novelty is the incorporation of a fuel injection system that replaces the carburetor of the previous generation. The cycle part features a 226mm front disc brake and a 110mm rear drum. For its part, the 125 model increases power from 10 to 11.4 hp at 8,500 rpm while increasing maximum torque to 10.3 Nm at 6,500 rpm. With these new figures it is possible to reduce both consumption and emissions. As far as the braking system is concerned, the Fiddle 125 mounts a 226 mm front disc and a 220 mm rear disc, where there is no lack of a CBS combined braking system. For the suspension, a double rear shock absorber is used to ensure comfort and grip.

The SYM Fiddle is a classic style scooter with 12-inch wheels in which there is no lack of current details such as the analog-digital instrumentation or the LED lighting in the round headlight and in the taillight. Nor are they missing practical and comfort details, such as the gap under the seat that allows you to store a full face helmet, the fuel filler cap behind the front shield instead of under the seat, a USB charging socket to charge the mobile device, or a retractable hook on the shield to hold bags or backpacks. Another important detail to take into account is the rear trunk that matches the body color and that opens with the same ignition key as the scooter, in addition to the retractable footrests and the practical flat floor.

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