Girl Dies After Mother Absconded With N3m Donated For Her Brain Surgery – Health

A 3-year-old girl who was battling with brain tumour has reportedly died after her mother allegedly absconded with N3m donated for her surgery.

Nuhu Fulani kwajafa, the National Coordinator of Global initiative for Peace, Love and Care, GIPLC, revealed this in a Facebook post.

According to Nuhu, the little girl needed N3m for her brain surgery and a well meaning individual offered to donate the money. However, he requested to transfer it to the mother’s bank account because he didn’t trust the NG0 in charge of the little girl’s case.

Unfortunately, the mother chose the money over her child’s life as she ran away with the donated funds. Nuhu revealed that the girl, identified as Ada, died on Tuesday April 13.

He wrote on Facebook,

oh! I forgot that women don’t commit crime

it must be the Husband’s fault. Maybe he forced her to or he was the one who absconded with the money and framed the innocent woman.


Be it as it may, the Little baby has left this Wicked filled world. She is right now in Heaven before the KING of kings, free from all pains and sorrows forever..

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Be it as it may, the Little baby has left this Wicked filled world. She is right now in Heaven before the KING of kings, free from all pains and sorrows forever..

She’s not the biological mother my foot


Well, her conscience and her God will ask her questions.

It is well.

Na their culture we’re not surprised

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this is selfishness perfectly grilled with a touch of wickedness and packaged excess stupidity….she’s a fool to think dt she wont b traced…still wonder how such people like dis do sleep at nite and which kain mind them take dey do such evil for jus 3m??humanity ave really gone to dogs n it’s more painful dt such is coming fron a woman dt av gone tru d pains of childbirth…modified…please u guys should leave poverty out of this….av seen alot of poor women going through worst cases than this without hope of even 3m n instead they place their hope on their maker…the point is, life for me is all about mindset n decisions n dts wat she chooses…


vagιna people&мoney

No be every woman wey born be mama.

If you check now, she’d squander the money with one yeye bf.


HmmmmThere are mothers and there is mother, this one is motherfucker

Can a mother forsake her child? Yeah

But unlike this wicked mother God would never forsake us

APC inflicted the land with this so much sufferings

I don’t blame the mother, she is only trying to survive instead of helping the little baby live first.


Evil mother from hell. She preferred money over the life of her child. Maybe she be hunted till she dies

Endtime mother,may she neve know peace were ever she is.may that N3M in less than three year lead her to her grave.

THE FUTURE IS FEMALE[b][/b][b][/b]

Nah them full circulation..

Evil even to your daughter

People no dey get heart again

Would they have revealed it if it was their account the money was paid to?

And someone said nothing’s new under this sun.A total absence of maternal instincts.

Well, her conscience and her God will ask her questions.

It is well.

Maybe she felt why will the money go to waste when there is a probability the child won’t survive


Mothers love

If the face of the woman is not shown to the public or even declared wanted, I would conclude the report was concocted by the NGOs to benefit their own purses

She’s a wicked mother.

It’s a pity many females now engage in evils some wicked men do. Na to dey rape boys & men remain,,, so they can achieve the equality they crave for. Just bear in mind that no sinners would go unpunished.

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