Kim’s Convenience Season 6: Here Is Everything We Know About It!!!

With its introduction on Netflix, Kim’s benefit reached a much broader audience and became a fan favourite sitcom. It had been expected that the show would continue beyond its fifth season, so many were blindsided by the opposite news. Kim’s Convenience will end after season 5, which has been airing on CBC since January. When the blackout was declared, Liu submitted a lengthy statement on social media announcing his disappointment as well as his view that his trip as Jung, the estranged son of the Kim family, was cut short.

On Tuesday, the night before the broadcasting of this Kim’s benefit series finale, Liu once more took to social media to talk about the sudden cancellation. Despite his hopes that”I would be at a stage where I could talk about it with a transparent head,” Liu admitted he is still”pretty f**king mad .” He reaffirmed that fans deserved a much better, appropriate ending and, at a follow-up tweet, wrote, “I’ve thoughts concerning our cancellation, plus they come with receipts and tea. For the time being, they will stay in my head.” It is possible to see Liu’s posts in the space below.

I have thoughts about our ‘cancellation’, and they come with tea and receipts. For now, they will remain in my head.

— Simu Liu (@SimuLiu)

When Kim’s Convenience’s cancellation was announced, it was stated Choi and White’s death as they moved on to other endeavours was the reason the series was ending. Liu’s remarks, however, seem to indicate was going on behind the scenes. For the time being, everything is funny, and it will remain that way until Liu chooses to elaborate on his words. But he is still frustrated with how Kim’s benefit is finishing, and he surely is not the only one. Hopefully, Kim’s benefit season 5 finale will at least provide some close to those still reeling in the cancellation news.

Liu’s sentiments regarding Kim’s Convenience and its impending end are clear, particularly since the series has been praised for its heartwarming story and diversity. At the same time, who knows what the future holds? Beloved shows have been known to score revivals nowadays, and Liu’s function in Shang-Chi could help draw new audiences to the show on Netflix. At the moment, Kim’s Convenience is closing up shop, but perhaps more could emerge in the future.

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